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The 100,000-ton message to the world (Darlene Superville)
With praise and a blessing for the military, President Donald Trump helped hand over the USS Gerald R. Ford to… Continue reading »
So are we ready if it comes down to war with North Korea? (Jazz Shaw)
What with all the new missile tests that Kim Jong-un has been conducting, should we be worried that he’s close… Continue reading »
Iran launches new missile program in face of possible US sanctions (Anna Giaritelli)
Iran will launch a new missile production line despite new U.S.-imposed sanctions over its ballistic missile program, Iranian state media… Continue reading »
Moscow, Baghdad sign huge arms deal (Peter Korzun)
It was reported on July 20 that Russia and Iraq have struck a deal on supplying a large batch of… Continue reading »
Lawmakers agree on Russia sanctions as election-meddling punishment (Alexi McCammond)
A group of bipartisan lawmakers agreed today to move forward with legislation that would impose sanctions against Russia for their… Continue reading »
Temple Mount crisis: anti-Israel protests in Turkey and Jordan (Elior Levy and Roi Kais)
Tensions around Israel's decision to bolster security around the Temple Mount continue to strain, as large protests in Turkey and… Continue reading »
Palestinians oppose Israeli metal detectors at the Temple Mount (Joseph Klein)
Last Friday, three Arabs killed two Israeli police officers who were guarding an entrance to Jerusalem’s holy compound, known to… Continue reading »
Six months of anti-Israel policies from Donald Trump (David Leach)
Just six months into his presidency, Trump has repeatedly displayed his ignorance of Middle East policy as he breaks one… Continue reading »

If the GOP continues funding Planned Parenthood, Christians should defund the GOP (Matthew Monforton)
They told us to give them the House and they’d repeal Obamacare. We did that in 2010. Then they said… Continue reading »
Students sue school for hushing pro-life speech (Bonnie Pritchett)
Two students have filed a lawsuit against their Pennsylvania school district for the right to operate a pro-life club according… Continue reading »
Judge won’t let pro-life people protest outside Kentucky’s last remaining abortion clinic (Micaiah Bilger)
A federal judge set up a buffer zone outside the last abortion clinic in Kentucky on Friday to keep pro-life… Continue reading »
Stop telling me to wait on defunding Planned Parenthood (JD Rucker)
Every time I ask about when the GOP will use its majorities and control of the White House to defund… Continue reading »

Cruz: Amendment to Senate health bill would lower premiums, giving GOP a ‘big win’ (Mandy Mayfield)
Sen. Ted Cruz on Saturday pushed his amendment to the Senate healthcare bill, saying his Consumer Freedom Amendment would bridge… Continue reading »

Susan Ward goes after John McCain’s seat (Susan Wright)
Well, she couldn’t beat him in a primary vote, so maybe a terminal disease is the way to go. And… Continue reading »
OK, GOP. No more excuses. (David Limbaugh)
Until now, I haven't been too concerned about the Republican Party's difficulties in passing a health care reform bill because… Continue reading »
Jared Kushner withheld 77 assets on his financial disclosure form (Josh Siegel)
White House senior adviser Jared Kushner on Friday released a revised version of his personal financial disclosure that reveals his… Continue reading »
7 things you need to know about Anthony Scaramucci (Aaron Bandler)
President Trump has a new White House communications director: Anthony Scaramucci. The move has prompted a bit of a shakeup,… Continue reading »
Steve Bannon’s disappearing act (Eliana Johnson and Annie Karni)
Steve Bannon has largely disappeared from the White House’s most sensitive policy debates — a dramatic about-face for an operative… Continue reading »

Charlie Sheen’s upcoming movie has patriots everywhere up in arms (Justin Haskins)
A movie starring noted “truther” Charlie Sheen will be released in the fall about the terrorist attacks that brought down… Continue reading »
Kid Rock serves up an early jab at 2 Senators, complete with visuals (Tom Tillison)
President Donald Trump may have set the stage for non-politicians getting elected to office, but Kid Rock, who has spent much… Continue reading »
Vampires and spies dominate frothy fun television choices ()
It's the time of the television year, safely past the May upfronts where all of next season's advertising is sold… Continue reading »
Crazed lib Alyssa Milano wants to “hold Trump accountable for Russia” (Corinne Weaver)
Tinfoil hats are rarely a good look -- even the chic designer kind Hollywood celebrities can afford. But here come… Continue reading »
China bans Justin Bieber to ‘purify’ Chinese environment (Brandon Morse)
China has officially banned controversial Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber from the country in order to “purify the Chinese performance environment”… Continue reading »

Cruz: Tax reform chances ‘drop significantly’ if healthcare fails (Max Greenwood)
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said on Saturday that Republicans' efforts to overhaul the nation's tax code are likely to hinge on whether… Continue reading »
Democrats urge antitrust action against Amazon over Whole Foods deal (Tyler Durden)
In the wake of their embarrassing electoral defeat in November, Congressional Democrats are turning against the wealthy tech benefactors who… Continue reading »
GM may kill Chevy Volt, Sonic and four other cars (Brent Snavely)
General Motors has put six of its cars under review, including its once breakthrough Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid, and is… Continue reading »
Replacing a bad tax idea with another bad idea isn’t progress ()
Sadly, over the years, I have come to question the free-market and small-government beliefs of many members of the Republican… Continue reading »
White House procurement priorities for renegotiating NAFTA do not advance free trade (Tori Whiting)
In the section on government procurement, the 20-page document included priorities such as “increasing opportunities for U.S. firms to sell… Continue reading »
$2M government training program helps people land jobs… 17 of them (Staff)
There is little doubt among conservatives that government waste is rampant. It seems like the majority of programs that are… Continue reading »

How federal policy holds back sustainable economic growth (Matthew Robare)
There are few national solutions that can help all cities. There are, however, two federal policies holding back widespread business… Continue reading »
Texas senator blasts Jeff Sessions for expanding civil asset forfeiture (Brandon Morse)
Republican Texas Sen. Konni Burton has been civil asset forfeiture’s fiercest opponent in the Texas Legislature. So when Attorney General… Continue reading »

President Trump is responsible for Hillary Clinton not being prosecuted (Adam Graham)
President Donald Trump in a Tweet suggested that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was unfair in his investigation by sharing a question that… Continue reading »
Anthony Scaramucci going for full ‘transparency’ by making his old tweets vanish (Brett T.)
It’s his prerogative, we suppose, if the new White House communications director wants to delete some of his old tweets… Continue reading »
Is it just me or is that Sessions story much ado about nothing? (Patterico)
In other words, the allegation is that Sessions’s account differs from that of Kislyak’s. Gee, why might a Russian mischaracterize… Continue reading »
Did Trump leak intel to force Sessions to resign? (Streiff)
Yesterday, the Washington Post dropped a story alleging, with the same impeccable sourcing that we’ve become used to, that Sessions… Continue reading »
Trump, party of one (Jonah Goldberg)
There is a riddle before us. Back in that simpler time, i.e., the GOP primaries, many people assured me that… Continue reading »
Trump has himself, not Sessions, to blame for the limitless Mueller investigation (Andrew C. McCarthy)
His misstatements and accusations made it difficult to limit the special counsel’s scope. Continue reading »
Trump makes history for lowest approval rating in first 6 months (Alayna Treene)
At the six-month mark of his presidency, America is becoming less impressed with Donald Trump's performance as president. Continue reading »
Founder of firm behind the ‘Trump dossier’ refuses subpoena to testify, will plead the fifth (Carlos Garcia)
The co-founder of the firm that paid for the creation of the infamous ‘Trump dossier’ said Friday that he would… Continue reading »
The impending Trump-Mueller train wreck (David Thornton)
There is the sense of an impending train wreck between President Trump and independent counsel Robert Mueller. You know it’s… Continue reading »
Report: White House investigating Mueller (Jonathan Turley)
The media is reporting that President Donald Trump’s legal team is investigating possible conflicts of interest  by former FBI Director… Continue reading »

Scaramucci: Trump is ‘on missile lock’ to build the border wall (SooperMexican)
Scaramucci told Breitbart News that Trump is absolutely on track for building his border wall. Continue reading »
Oregon legislators push to allow police to enforce immigration laws ()
Three Oregon legislators are spearheading an initiative petition that would repeal the Oregon law prohibiting local and state police from… Continue reading »
Graham and Durbin introduce DREAM amnesty ()
Senators Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) introduced a new version of the DREAM Act on Thursday that would… Continue reading »

Netanyahu to Europe: “Secure your borders” (Eduardo Rivero)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was caught on a hot mic earlier this week calling upon Eastern European leaders to adopt tougher… Continue reading »
Metal detectors and Palestinian lies (Bassam Tawil)
The controversy surrounding the Israeli authorities' decision to place metal detectors at the gates of the Temple Mount calls to… Continue reading »
U.S. Army sergeant indicted in Hawaii on charges of trying to help Islamic State (Alex Dobuzinskis)
A U.S. Army sergeant stationed in Hawaii has been indicted on charges of trying to provide material support to Islamic… Continue reading »
How the U.S. Navy is waging war on ISIS (Nolan Peterson)
During the early days of World War II, the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill made a memorable comment about… Continue reading »

MSNBC hack Joy Reid fails history in xenophobic attack on Trump, wives (Joe Newby)
It seems the alt-left anti-Trump propagandists in the Democrat-media complex will do or say anything to foment hate and violence… Continue reading »
Andrea Mitchell: I may have been “too aggressive” covering Hillary Clinton, “can’t think of” instances of biased reporting (Andrea Kugle)
NBC anchor Andrea Mitchell said in an interview published Tuesday that she may have been "too aggressive" covering Hillary Clinton… Continue reading »
Hannity vs Tapper (The Right Scoop)
Jake Tapper wrote an article for CNN this morning explaining how the Media Research Center, at the behest of the… Continue reading »

Oregon parents with low IQs have children taken by CPS (Corey Stallings)
Oregon is a hotbed for rampant, douchey leftism. If you thought Portlandia was a parody of Oregonian “progressives,” think again. The show… Continue reading »
California parents can lose custody of their children even if they aren’t at fault (Colin Kalmbacher)
The California Supreme Court issued an opinion late last week that allows the state to take custody of a child… Continue reading »

State instructs schools to ‘segregate’ students who feel uncomfortable with transgender bathrooms (Justin Haskins)
A recently approved Minnesota Department of Education “toolkit” instructs schools to isolate students who are concerned about sharing bathrooms and… Continue reading »
Students get $11/hr to “advance social justice and diversity” ()
Washington State University is paying students who know “how power, privilege, oppression operates” $11 per hour to “promote equity and… Continue reading »
How low will the teachers’ unions go? (Elliot Kaufman)
There’s no depth to which they won’t sink in defense of the public-school monopoly. Continue reading »
‘World’s most famous atheist’ booted from Berkeley because of his ‘hurtful speech’ on Islam (Greg Piper)
Richard Dawkins’ biggest critics used to be conservative Christians. Now they’re Berkeley progressives who defend anything and everything Islamic. Continue reading »
Scholars blast profs for telling students speech is ‘violence’ (Toni Airaksinen)
Two leading free-speech advocates are warning that teaching college students to view speech as “violence” only encourages them to counter… Continue reading »
California college boss wants algebra graduation requirements gone, says it’s “civil rights issue” ()
The chancellor of California’s community college system has raised eyebrows after suggesting colleges should drop the algebra requirement, claiming it’s… Continue reading »

Kamala Harris getting an early start on losing the 2020 election? (Doug Powers)
Fast forward to a hypothetical 2020 where California Sen. Kamala Harris is the Democrat nominee. Historians might later trace her… Continue reading »
Elderly woman angrily confronts Bill de Blasio for jetting to Germany — so he takes cowards way out (Chris Enloe)
When an angry woman confronted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio earlier this week, the controversial mayor took the… Continue reading »
Holder attacks Trump for corruption, gets smacked by interwebs (Aaron Bandler)
Former Attorney General Eric Holder decided it was a great idea to publicly criticize President Trump over corruption — and proceeded to… Continue reading »
For Democrats, there’s no fool like an old fool (Jeff Crouere)
Despite the continual drama surrounding President Trump and his administration, it is comforting to know that his political opposition is… Continue reading »
Broke and bleeding cash, DNC ends June with $3.3M in debt (Tyler Durden)
After spending a truly obscene amount of money on the Georgia special election last month, money that was proven to… Continue reading »
Liberal columnist on Democratic winning message: “I haven’t heard it yet” (Matt Vespa)
Well, it should come to no one’s surprise that Democrats are still chickens with their heads cut off. They’re deep… Continue reading »
Democrats demand more ‘nutrition education’ in public schools to fight obesity (Pete Kasperowicz)
More than two dozen House Democrats proposed legislation Thursday that would require any school participating in the national school lunch… Continue reading »

Google search suppresses climate realism (Leo Goldstein)
Claims that Google Search improperly downranks some websites are frequent but not always correct, and they’re hard to prove even… Continue reading »
MSM on climate hype: “The worst case is the only thing that prompts us to get anything done” (Eric Worrall)
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, telling the truth about climate doesn’t work. Hyping extreme climate scenarios is sometimes the… Continue reading »
Goracle: “Climate change” will totally be a bigger issue or something (William Teach)
There’s not a lot to this NPR article, just a quick blurb and a very long, boring audio interview of… Continue reading »
Climate crisis getting so dire DiCaprio’s *giving up private jets (*next Wed. only) (Doug Powers)
I’m guessing DiCaprio was unable to find a private jet because they’d already all been booked by other climate crusaders… Continue reading »

Verizon says it was totally just testing how to throttle video (Tom McKay)
After rumors spread on Reddit that Verizon Wireless customers were unable to achieve feeds of faster than 10Mbps while connected to Netflix,… Continue reading »
Two huge cryptocurrency heists cost investors millions ()
It was the week that sent dark web markets scrambling. On Thursday, the feds confirmed earlier reports that they had taken down… Continue reading »
1st Amendment suit halts ant-“Pokémon Go” law (Mallory Locklear)
A legal battle against AR games like Pokémon Go has been brewing in Wisconsin and this week, the games scored a win.… Continue reading »

America is changing… one carry permit at a time (David French)
A recent increase in law-abiding gun ownership bodes well for the country’s future. Continue reading »
NRA-supported group asks high court to reverse gun ruling (AP)
A group of Maryland residents with the support of the National Rifle Association are asking the Supreme Court to reverse… Continue reading »
Anti-Second Amendment academics shot down in Texas case (Dean Weingarten)
In August, 2016, two professors from the University of Austin, Texas, and an Associate Teaching Assistant Professor, sued the Attorney… Continue reading »

Police will charge teens who taunted disabled man while filming his drowning: ‘It’s a moral issue’ (Dave Urnanksi)
The five teens who taunted a disabled man while videotaping his drowning in a Florida pond earlier this month — never making… Continue reading »
Conservatives should be the first to hold police accountable (Kelvey Vander Hart)
In the past few years, we have witnessed clash after clash between the police and the black community in the… Continue reading »
Minneapolis Police Chief resigns after officer’s fatal shooting of Australian woman (Dan Smith)
Embattled Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau has resigned after coming under fire for not returning from a holiday when one… Continue reading »

Jews, Christians were able to pray on Temple Mount (Hank Berrien)
On Wednesday, something extraordinary happened in Jerusalem: for the first time in millennia, Jews were allowed to actually pray on the… Continue reading »

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