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The war on our children
The war on our children

Every major civilization in human history has fallen for a few basic reasons. Chief among them has been the disintegration and destruction of the b…

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Just repeal.jpg
Just repeal it

As I write this, the House is pushing for a floor vote on the American Health Care Act. It “hangs in the balance” as some mainstream me…

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The three-pronged approach to repealing and replacing Obamacare
The Three-Pronged Approach

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All Ryancare and yesterday’s links

Obamacare’s replacement has been dominating the news for a week, now. This is actually sort of nice. Makes it easier for me to keep up with t…

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Catching up and yesterday’s links

Sorry for failing behind by a couple of days. There have been lots of links piling up from accusations of wiretaps to new executive orders. I’…

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