• Did Trump set up Sessions
    Was Sessions set up?
    Yesterday a pretty impressive New York Times bombshell fell on Jeff Sessions saying that he actually did discuss campaign issues with...

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Carrier announces first round of layoffs exactly six months after Trump’s inauguration
Carrier announced the first round of layoffs at their Indianapolis furnace factory on Wednesday. Intentional or not, it coincides with the six-month… Continue reading »
Invanka’s turn: Democrats ask for an FBI review of Ivanaka Trump’s security clearance
In the letter sent to acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Democrat lawmakers suggest that the same serious issues that have… Continue reading »
David Gergen: ‘What the hell is Donald Trump’s obsession with Vladimir Putin?’ (CARLOS GARCIA)
CNN political commentator David Gergen said a report Tuesday detailing a second previously undisclosed meeting between President Trump and Russian… Continue reading »
Obama’s ambassador to Russia: There may be recording of Trump-Putin conversation (JOSH SIEGEL)
Michael McFaul, former U.S. ambassador to Russia in the Obama administration, said Tuesday that President Trump's second undisclosed conversation with… Continue reading »
White House slams second Trump, Putin meeting reports in media (DAVE BOYER)
The White House hit back Tuesday night at "absurd" media reports of an undisclosed meeting between President Trump and Russian… Continue reading »
Stop talking about Hillary Clinton and start thinking about Jimmy Carter
If the present trajectory doesn’t change, Republicans will learn what Democrats learned after their 1980 landslide defeat. Continue reading »
BREAKING: Eighth person in Trump Jr.-Russia meeting now named
CNN has uncovered the name of the 8th person present in the room, during the Trump Jr.-Russia meeting, that has… Continue reading »
From ‘drain the swamp’ to ‘everybody does it’
resident Trump tweeted this morning: "Most politicians would have gone to a meeting like the one Don jr attended in… Continue reading »
How the Russians spy (STEVE LEVINE)
Rinat Akhmetshin, the mysterious Russian-American who attended the June 2016 meeting at which Donald Trump Jr. arrived expecting dirt on… Continue reading »

Cruz: Failure is not an option
Ted Cruz did not mince words in an interview on Fox News. Continue reading »
Fentanyl overdose kills 10-year-old boy, authorities confirm (FOX NEWS)
A 10-year-old Miami boy died of a fentanyl overdose after visiting a local pool last month, making him among Florida's… Continue reading »
Trump threatens to gut Obamacare markets (PEUL DEMKO AND JOSH DAWSEY)
Donald Trump holds a fuse in his hands — and he could decide to light it and blow up Obamacare… Continue reading »
This means WAR: The Obamacare betrayal by Senators Capito and Murkowski can never be forgotten or forgiven
At the top of the list of giant hypocrites, you’ll find Senators Shelly Moore Capito of West Virginia and Lisa… Continue reading »
Why Ryan and McConnell should go for a big deal with Democrats
The GOP Congress has failed. Unless there’s a Lazarus-like resurrection of the health-care bill, the session is effectively over. Continue reading »
Sen. Lindsey Graham needs a lesson on Federalism
A summary of Graham’s proposalclaims it would block-grant current Obamacare funds to the states, ostensibly giving them flexibility. But the… Continue reading »
How would Ronald Reagan have replaced Obamacare?
At the end of the day, the reason why Republicans are struggling to replace Obamacare is because there are deep… Continue reading »
Is Rand Paul’s opposition to the GOP health bill principled, or cynical?
The greatest trick any politician can pull off is to get his self-interest and his principles in perfect alignment. As… Continue reading »
Reactions to GOP health care collapse
On both sides of the aisle, there's plenty of blame-shifting, finger-pointing, wishful-thinking, and gloating to go around. Here's a sample… Continue reading »
Large health insurers opposed Cruz amendment (KYLE STEWART)
America’s Health Insurance Plans and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association said the proposal was “unworkable in any form.” The… Continue reading »
Apartment fires and health insurance
Different Americans calculate risk–cost ratios in different ways. The Cruz amendment gives them a choice. Continue reading »
Sens. Mike Lee and Jerry Moran announce opposition to BCRA ()
Senators Mike Lee and Jerry Moran delivered their public defections of Sen. Mitch McConnell's health care bill, essentially halting the… Continue reading »
We may well be witnessing one of the greatest political whiffs of our time. Continue reading »
Mitch McConnell says forget replacing Obamacare, let’s go with Plan A (JOE CUNNINGHAM)
It is a plan that will make conservative activists very happy, as well as go along with what President Donald… Continue reading »
Sen. Mike Lee tells why he helped scuttle GOP health plan (he’s right)
In the health care debate today we see not merely Forgotten Men but a Forgotten Class: Millions of middle-class families… Continue reading »
7 things you need to know about the latest Trumpcare bill (AARON BANDLER)
Here are seven things you need to know about the latest version of Trumpcare. Continue reading »

Facebook will charge for news subscriptions starting in October (EDWARD HARDY)
A week after publishers asked Congress for an anti-trust exemption to negotiate collectively with large platforms, specifically Facebook and Alphabet's… Continue reading »
Elon Musk warns governors ‘AI is fundamental risk to civilization’ (NICK LUCCHESI)
Speaking to more than thirty of the nation’s governors on Saturday, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk quieted the room… Continue reading »

Supreme Court reverses district court judge’s undermining of Trump travel ban (ANNA GIARTELLI, RYAN LOVELACE)
The Supreme Court lifted the Ninth Circuit's ruling that allowed U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson to expand the definition of… Continue reading »

Erie man sentenced to prison for dog attack on cat (MADELEINE O'NEILL)
Kenneth W. Joint, 27, of Erie, received 11½ to 23 months in the Erie County Prison, with credit for nearly… Continue reading »
Did a ‘loud sound’ prompt fatal police shooting in Minneapolis?
Investigators working on the Minneapolis police shooting released the first details of their probe late yesterday, but those will create… Continue reading »
Investigation ‘will likely find’ USPS activity violated Hatch Act (JERRY BADER)
Media Trackers has learned that the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs will hold a hearing Wednesday on… Continue reading »
‘Astounding’: Why didn’t Minneapolis police officers turn body cams on even after shooting?
After a series of controversial police shootings, public outrage and pressure from elected officials resulted in the widespread adoption of… Continue reading »
Cabal of cuckoo rules in Berkeley: 2 arrested for hate graffiti despite mayor’s idiotic letter (FAYE HIGBEE)
Two students from UC Berkeley were arrested for spray painting “F*** White Ppl” and “Kill Cops” on car hoods and… Continue reading »
Texas veteran fired from Home Depot after trying to stop shoplifters (SARA GONZALES)
A 70-year-old veteran from Pearland, Texas, was recently fired from his job at Home Depot after trying to confront shoplifters… Continue reading »

Pence says embassy is definitely moving to Jerusalem (JOSHUA GILL)
Vice President Mike Pence affirmed U.S. support for Israel and the U.S. embassy’s move to Jerusalem, during his address at the… Continue reading »
Jon Huntsman to be next Russia ambassador (DAVE LAWLER)
President Trump has picked Jon Hunstman, the former Republican presidential candidate who served as Barack Obama's ambassador to China, to… Continue reading »
Trump must withdraw from Iran nuclear deal — now
This is a policy of true neutrality while the review continues. Certifying compliance is far from neutral. Indeed, it risks… Continue reading »
Trump just came very close to killing the Iran deal (but he didn’t)
At the last minute, the president nearly told Tillerson not to certify Iranian compliance. Continue reading »
U.S. targets Iran with new sanctions over missile program ()
The United States on Tuesday unveiled new economic sanctions against Iran over its ballistic missile program and for contributing to… Continue reading »
Here’s why Trump didn’t kill the Iran deal (SAAGAR ENJETI)
President Donald Trump decided to re-certify the Iranian nuclear agreement Monday only on the condition his national security team bring… Continue reading »
Former Netanyahu adviser: Syria cease fire could make Israel-Iran war ‘inevitable’ (JOEL GEHRKE)
War between Israel and Iran could be "inevitable" by the end of the Syrian civil war, according to Israeli Prime… Continue reading »

WATCH: Chris Christie gets booed after catching foul ball at the Mets game (GREG P.)
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was booed last night at the Mets game in Queens after making a pretty impressive… Continue reading »

Have you ever met Vladimir Putin’s lobbyists? (DR JOHN)
This should have gotten a lot more attention than it did. It is widely known that Bill Clinton was paid… Continue reading »
Guess who Hillary’s inner circle is turning to for 2020? It’s not Hillary (HANK BERRIEN)
Hillary Clinton’s inner circle, becoming increasingly convinced that she is no longer a viable candidate for 2020, are turning to another… Continue reading »
‘Resistance hero’ Maxine Waters pulls in only $22K in individual contributions (JOE SCHOFFSTALL)
Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters (Calif.), who has been considered a leader of the movement within Congress to "resist" Donald Trump, has… Continue reading »

Ultra-rich gay activist on targeting Christians: It’s time to ‘punish the wicked’ (BRE PAYTON)
In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, tech millionaire turned LGBTQ activist Tim Gill said he’s aiming to punish Christians… Continue reading »
Son shamed by feminist mom in talks with Ben Shapiro for internship (ROBERT KRAYCHIK)
“Arrangements are being made” for the son of a feminist writer who blackened his reputation in print to begin interning or working in… Continue reading »
TOLERANCE: Gay leftist says it’s ‘imperative’ you drop all gay pro-Trump friends (AMANDA PRESTIGIACOMO)
In the name of tolerance and the opposition of bigotry, openly gay columnist for Out magazine Michael Musto is imploring others… Continue reading »
Rape isn’t a game; Senator Patty Murray should step down
Sometimes the manufactured outrage obsession that exists in our culture is oddly humorous. With as exhausting as it can be,… Continue reading »
Maybe the dogs don’t like it
That’s because progressivism, by its very nature, has no limiting principle.  Progress can only be measured by moving forward–so if… Continue reading »
Radiohead, friend of the Jews (DAVID HARSANYI)
Thom Yorke and his band Radiohead are not friends of the Jews because they withstood pressure from left-wing anti-Israel groups… Continue reading »

Tapper: Maybe celebrating a cop killer during the Women’s March wasn’t the best idea
The recent Women’s March was no exception and at least some of the participants and organizers decided to “celebrate” the… Continue reading »
Shameful: CNN pundit Marc Lamont Hill honors cop-killing terrorist Assata Shakur (AMANDA PRESTIGIACOMO)
CNN pundit Marc Lamont Hill has a serious crush on convicted terrorist Assata Shakur. On Monday, Lamont Hill honored the convicted… Continue reading »
Chicago reporter who exposed ‘Dyke March’ anti-Semitism says she lost her job over it (HANK BERRIEN)
On Monday, the reporter who was transferred to working in the sales department at her newspaper after she broke the… Continue reading »
No wonder Americans don’t trust the media: They care about totally different things
Bloomberg released a poll Monday in which they gauged Americans’ mood six months into the new presidency. While Trump didn’t… Continue reading »

How Washington could stifle robots, drones, driverless cars (MIKE ALLEN)
A House Energy and Commerce subcommittee this morning will hold an unheralded but consequential hearing on a bill designed to… Continue reading »
House Republicans lay out their plan to rein in the EPA (MICHAEL BASTASCH)
House Republicans released their proposal to balance the federal budget in 10 years, which included their plans to rein in… Continue reading »
‘The Tonight Show’ just got big NY tax breaks (JOSEPH SPECTOR)
Here’s your tax money… The "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" raked in nearly $21 million from New York taxpayers for… Continue reading »

Stop it! Tropical storms Don and Hilary could surround the U.S. (ANDREA RUTH)
Tropical Storm Don has been moving through the Atlantic for less than 24-hours but it already seems to be losing… Continue reading »
Viral video shows dog saving a baby deer from drowning ()
PORT JEFFERSON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — When a young deer got in trouble in the Long Island Sound, it took a… Continue reading »

California struggles to implement new gun-control measures (STEPHEN GUTOWSKI)
The reason the laws have become so complicated is to hide the true intentions of California legislators. Continue reading »

Conservative group threatens to fund primary challengers to GOP senators who oppose Obamacare repeal (MELISSA QUINN)
The Senate Conservatives Fund said Tuesday it will recruit and fund conservatives to challenge sitting Republican senators who oppose a… Continue reading »
Conservatives blame GOP Congress for lack of progress on Trump agenda (MARGARET MENGE)
Poll shows activists on the Right point finger not at president but squarely at Capitol Hill Continue reading »

There’s no brain science to college free speech
Campus speakers aren't doing violence to undergraduate neurons. Continue reading »
Trump’s Education Department takes on the campus-rape lie
Will it have the will to restore due process for the accused? Continue reading »
Evergreen State College students and staff speak out against SJW campus dominance (BRANDON MORSE)
Faculty and students at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, recently spoke out against the deteriorating conditions on campus as… Continue reading »

Trump: ‘I’m not going to own’ Obamacare collapse (SARAH WESTWOOD)
Trump told reporters at the White House that his preference is "to let Obamacare fail," an approach he said "will… Continue reading »
President Donald Trump at six months: A failure of leadership
Neil Gorsuch was an uncontested layup for President Trump. Gorsuch was a replacement for Antonin Scalia hand-picked by The Federalist… Continue reading »
What if Congress vanished?
A few decades ago in Los Angeles County, the doctors went on strike and the death rate went down a… Continue reading »
McConnell’s “nuclear option” after health care failure
Obamacare remains the law of the land. And the White House didn't even get a courtesy call. The West Wing… Continue reading »
Republicans Aren’t Turning on Trump—They’re Turning on Each Other
With progress stalled on the GOP’s policy priorities, frustration is rising on Capitol Hill. But the White House isn’t taking… Continue reading »
12 freshman House members: It’s time for the Senate to act on health care (HOUSE REPS)
We remain fully aware that we were elected with a mandate from voters to end the pain that ObamaCare has… Continue reading »
Mr. President, why are you letting Mitch McConnell scuttle your agenda?
Mitch McConnell, in public, says he wants to pass a health care reform plan that repeals Obamacare. Remember, McConnell says… Continue reading »
Democrats celebrate ‘defeat’ of GOP health care bill: ‘victory for human decency’ (SUSAN JONES)
No one said "ha-ha," but you could almost hear it in the statement released by Democrat Party Chairman Tom Perez. Continue reading »
The hypocritical dishonesty of the Net Neutrality campaign
Does anyone have an idea why this might give us pause—why warnings about a corporation dictating what people can say… Continue reading »
Experts say McCain’s recovery may take longer than initially expected (and of course it’s a political issue)
Senator John McCain (R-AZ) underwent surgery to remove a blood clot above his left eye last week, and his office… Continue reading »

Jeff Sessions is doing the exact wrong thing on asset forfeiture (C.J. CIARAMELLA)
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the Justice Department will issue new directives to increase the federal govenment's use of… Continue reading »

Dunkirk: Gripping and appropriately bleak (KYLE SMITH)
Christopher Nolan’s film of disastrous defeat and miraculous rescue is harrowingly realistic. Continue reading »

Fatah calls for ‘Day of Rage’ amid new Temple Mount security in wake of attack ()
Officials slam Israeli ‘terrorist procedures’ in Old City after metal detectors, cameras installed; at least 15 injured in East Jerusalem… Continue reading »

California bill would mandate 100% green energy, solar panels on every new home (DAVE BLOUNT)
You could watch a chilling science fiction movie about what would happen if certifiable lunatics achieved total control of a… Continue reading »

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