The 2015 repeal bill is sitting in committee. There’s only one viable reason it’s not being pushed.

2015 Repeal Bill

For the last two weeks, a replica of the successful 2015 House Obamacare repeal bill has been “languishing in committee,” as Andrea Ruth mentioned yesterday. Most will readily acknowledge that the primary reason it hasn’t been moved forward is because they wanted Obamacarelite (the AHCA) to pass instead. Now that it hasn’t, shouldn’t the doors be open to the old bill that passed easily two years ago?

According to Ruth:

After a bill has been in committee for a certain period of time, a discharge petition can be circulated, which is privileged, to bring a bill out of committee and to the floor. But it must have a majority of the House. After the AHCA debacle that may seem unlikely, but consider the fact that this bill already passed in the last Congress. Repeal is the one thing a majority ostensibly agree upon.

I’m not buying into the notion that the liberal wings of the Republican Party are simply too leftists to really want such a bill to pass. It’s not ideal by any means (in their opinion, not mine), but a full repeal at this point with a bill that already passed before seems to be the no-brainer than isn’t getting discussed enough by pundits and politicians. After the embarrassment of Obamacarelite, surely House GOP members can see the benefits of bringing this bill to the floor. If it didn’t pass, all we’d have to do is isolate those who voted for it in 2015 but changed their vote in 2017 since President Obama isn’t there to protect them with a veto.

In other words, it seems like they’re scared to pass this bill because they think it would make it through Senate and onto Trump’s desk. Are they scared he would sign it? Actually, no. While it may not be a certainty, I have a strong feeling that they’re more worried that he would veto it, sending shockwaves through the party and forcing the President to ramp up his long-time defense of nationalized health care.

It doesn’t matter whether my conspiracy theory is right or not. Somebody’s to blame. If it’s the bulk in the GOP House, the party’s populated with politicians who willfully lie. If it’s a quiet decree from Trump telling them not to put full repeal on his desk, then the party is being led by a closet Democrat. Either way, the Republican Party has exposed itself as being the party of big government even if most Republican voters would prefer small government.

There are two possibilities for why the House won’t pass the bill they easily passed before. Regardless of whether it’s Congress, the White House, or both, the reasoning driving the particulars is singular: the Republican Party loves big government and they don’t want you to know it.

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