Boy Scouts settle with 9-yr-old transgender scout for $18K

Boy Scouts

A transgender Secaucus boy and his mother will receive $18,000 from the Boy Scouts of America to settle an administrative civil rights complaint filed with state authorities earlier this year.

The transgender boy, who has publicly appeared at rallies and in media interviews as nine year old Joey Maldonado, was kicked out of a Secaucus Cub Scout troop last year, allegedly because other scouts’ parents objected to a biological girl being involved with the boys.

The story was originally reported by the Record of Hackensack, NJ

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  1. And this is why this Eagle Scout has resigned from Scouting. I sent National Council a “Go pound sand” letter when they announced their new “transgender policy”, but never received a reply. Why should I donate money to Scouting if they then take my money and hand it to these freaks? The left has destroyed another American cultural icon.

  2. Read my prior articles (all on on this continuing story going back to December 2016. The mother has consistently paraded her child in news media, and herself was a defendant in a court case that settled in 2015.

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