CPAC reactions and yesterday’s links

Before the weekend started, much was made about CPAC. It wasn’t even what President Trump said that got the most publicity. Other speakers had good and bad moments that made for interesting conversations on this Oscar weekend.

“Palestine”: Who has the moral high ground? (Martin Sherman)

Islamic State car blast kills dozens in northwest Syria (Reuters)

Extremist Muslims’ one-way street (Burak Bekdil)

Yes: Israel must be able to defend itself (Michael Rubin)

Revealing footage from anti-Israel protest in Sydney (Aussie Dave)

Ellison caught lying about 2nd Amendment

Ellison caught lying about 2nd Amendment

…”I sure wish they would.” (Matthew Burke)

…Keith Ellison says Trump was impeachable on day one of his presidency (Carlos Garcia)

Immigrants fearing deportation under Trump change routines (Deepti Haiela and Amy Taxin)

Even a pro-gun liberal doesn’t get it (David Lombardo)

What’s behind the rash of antisemitic incidents? (Ian Tuttle)

When force-on-force training goes wrong (Hognose)

Why the Supreme Court should protect the right to concealed carry (Nicholas Griepsma)


Discussing taxes, trade, and immigration under the Trump administration (AEI)

The dangers of economics teaching Econ 101 poorly (Don Boudreaux)

The $74T global economy in one chart (Jeff DesJardins)

Which is worse: A trade surplus or a trade deficit? (Anthony P. Mueller)

Don’t strangle AirBnb. Cut its competitors some slack. (A. Barton Hinkle)

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