Why we don’t trust the press

Biased Media

It’s very easy for Americans in general and conservatives in particular to have a certain level if disdain and mistrust for modern day news media outlets. It isn’t just the rash of “fake news” that’s been popping up for a while (though it’s only been getting serious attention once Hillary Clinton lost the election). It’s the hidden bias inherent to those in the media. The majority leans left and that would actually be acceptable if they were willing to admit it.

They don’t. They cloth themselves in the veil of unbiased journalistic standards while inserting their bias. As I Tweeted earlier, there’s a difference between embracing a bias in one direction or the other through honest commentary and pretending to be unbiased while inserting their agenda into their news reports.

It’s important to understand why bias is now the norm. Bias sells. Bias generates clicks. As Prager U details in the video below, the revenues once generated by newspapers before the internet were substantially higher than the revenues they generate today. This means that their only viable option to replace the revenue is through digital advertising. To make money off ads, they need clicks to the website. To get clicks to their websites, they need bias… at least that’s what they believe.

It’s probably true and unfortunately that’s our fault. Consumers of media are more easily drawn to propaganda than to news. We’re more likely to click on a story with an exaggerated headline than one that simply states the facts. I wish I knew a solution, but I don’t. At this point, all we can do is make sure we’re aware of which sources to trust.

The old forms of journalism were more honest and trustworthy, but they’re not coming back. Fake news, sensational headlines, and agenda-driven reporting are now the norm. Is there a way to fix it?

Here’s the Prager U video:

JD Rucker

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