Well, we got it mostly wrong about election day, at least on an electoral scale. And while it was tempting to rush out with a reactionary piece on what went wrong (or right depending on one’s perspective), I thought it wise to apply the “give it a few days” philosophy before issuing an assessment.

As many of you know, there is a movement afoot to create a new Federalist Party, and initially, it seemed as though this effort would be hampered by a Republican victory. The days following the election have proven that instinctual reaction wrong; and accomplished nothing short of exposing the absolute necessity of forming a new party to counter the complete capitulation of both major parties to the ideology of statism.

The votes were not yet completely counted when President-elect Trump took to the stage in triumph to, in as elegant a way possible for him, declare victory and set about the process of calming the fears of the losers; and gag, unifying the nation. After the necessary pleasantries were expressed, he very subtly and without notice or resistance,  promised to inact Obama’s $1 trillion stimulus package, by rebranding it as an “infrastructure” initiative.

What? How does this just get by with no reaction? Then I thought back to when and why I began to oppose a Trump presidency. You see, I was not always #NeverTrump. I was in fact quite pleased with his initial foray into the presidential primary. His raucous and audacious disrespect to a political class that had betrayed our trust and infringed our liberties was something I thought might somehow jar the Republican Party from its leftward stooping, and reenergize those who had given-up on restraining government.

I watched as candidates, many of whom I thought highly of and supported, dropped by the wayside. I waited for now President-elect Trump to expose, define and refine his governing philosophy. I am not a liberty activist who cares what’s in the heart of men, for we fall short on that measure. In the arena of politics, I care only what politicians do. And while Trump had a lifelong history of political statements to judge, he had a clean slate to spell-out a governing philosophy.

The President-elect’s early campaign focused on essentially hollow and meaningless rhetoric with slogans and applause lines. And while the attacks on the “establishment” were certainly justifiable and enjoyable to watch, it occurred to me that sooner or later, he would have to expose what he is for and not just rail against career politicians. I waited, and then it came. As reported by The Hill on Jan 19, shortly before the Iowa caucuses:

Donald Trump said Tuesday that federal regulators should increase the amount of ethanol blended into the nation’s gasoline supply.
Speaking at an event hosted by the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, Trump, a real estate mogul and the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, said the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ought to follow the ethanol volumes Congress set in 2007.

Welp, there it was. It wasn’t just a tell that required some sort of tea leaf reading ability to construct its meaning.  This was a full throated call for government to pick winners and losers in the market place. And since that fateful day he has never veered off the leftward path of statism. Regrettably, since he captured the nomination and then the presidency, the Republican Party has followed (and in some cases led) him down this long dark road.

The aftermath of November 8 has been a blur of protests and consternation for many on the far left. Let me put those of you in that camp at ease. It appears you will get the scalp of Pelosi, and your new minority leader will be a rust belt populist in the mold of Sanders. It appears you will be given an overtly leftist chair at the DNC. But, most disturbing to me, the biggest prize of all has been granted to you with the election of Trump.

While the focus has been on crying snowflakes and a vicious assault on the first amendment by a renegade acting troop, the statist machine of the GOP plugged-up the swamp drain without so much as an “I was told there would be cake?” question of resistance. The mainstream media thrashed about over the appointment of an alt-right campaign co-manager to position of advisor, while the head of the Republican Party establishment was named chief-of-staff. Does anything even matter to anyone anymore? If the stakes weren’t so high, the hilarity of it would be ever so enjoyable.

Th wrong people are rioting. Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus has been rebranded and endorsed by the party of “small government.” After unanimously re-electing the exact same establishment leadership that we had before this “change election,” a tax on concrete was passed and an attempt to reinstate the practice of earmarking took place. The attempt has not been defeated, only delayed, because $1 trillion is $1 trillion and those in power must utilize this tool to remain in power.

The President-elect recently issued a tweet praising the new senate minority leader, his good friend, Sen. Chuck Schumer. Can you imagine the absolute evisceration that would take place if someone such as Sen. Ben Sasse complimented Schumer on so much as the color of his suit?

Of greatest concern though, is the capitulation of those on the right who opposed Trump, not because of his rhetoric, but because of his leftism. Apparently, it is so joyous of an occasion to witness the faux-despair of leftist snowflakes and the overt outrage of the mainstream media, the previously-principled conservative opposition surrendered to Trump; and rushed left to stick their head in the noose with him. And ironically, it is all because they fear being labeled a liberal.

So, those of you holding up traffic and breaking the occasional window while whaling and gnashing your teeth:  you can stop.  Yes, we will get an executive order or two rescinded. Yes, we will get a cabinet secretary or two whom we are satisfied with. We may even get an original constructionist Supreme Court justice out of this deal.

We will mostly be served crumbs though, as the meat will go to those who seek their security in the state. Rest assured, the swamp will fester and flourish. And, in four very long years, the size and scope of government will be greater. All compliments of the Republican Party, who can be blamed when it’s brand of collectivism fails.  While I’d like nothing more than to gloat over your self-perceived defeat; conservatism has been officially redefined as statism. You can go home and celebrate now, for clearly the left has won this election.

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