A quandary wrapped in an enigma

Donald Trump Enigma

That famous philosophizer, SpongeBob SquarePants, once said “The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.”

Being in my 70’s and realizing that “senior moments” are very real, I trust that statement doesn’t apply to me yet. Rather, I know that I am capable of making rational judgments.
So, let me get this straight right up front. I am not voting for Donald Trump.

Let me also make a prediction: Donald Trump will not win the presidency, but Hillary Clinton might lose it. (For those of you inside the beltway, that’s a sports analogy). Whether it be an e-mail bombshell, her illegal use of State to garner funds for the Clinton Foundation, her health issues coming to light and are as serious as many suspect, or the body bags are traced back to them.

Hopefully, it will be just like a juggler who has too many balls in the air, when one drops they all drop. I was going to also say something about her lies, but Trump rivals Hillary in that category and we already have the liar-in-chief in the White House. But even if the balls start dropping, the outcome would be contingent upon Trump having a gag in his mouth instead of his foot.

The tougher question is “who do I want to win?” And that is the enigma because when it became obvious that the Democrats would have their worst candidate ever, the Republicans countered with their worst candidate ever. It is truly sad because many who plan on voting for Trump agree with me on that statement.

The enigma further continues because I am looking way past November 8th. My hope and my prayer is that America turns around and again becomes a nation with Judeo-Christian values. The enigma continues because both candidates woefully fail in that regard.

The primary reason – and many times the only reason – we are told we should vote for Trump is because of the present opening – and future openings – on the U.S. Supreme Court. Even Trump himself in a speech in Iowa basically said we must vote for him for that reason, that “we have no choice.”

In a previous article I addressed how, politically speaking, SCOTUS has been a major contributor to the country’s downward moral slide. But other conservatives who are much smarter than me have already addressed how the power of SCOTUS can be mitigated. And with Trump’s history, we know that his promises are worthless.

And my take on this is that Supreme Court rulings have nothing to do with our personal spiritual commitment. It is up to us Christians to be more committed to Jesus Christ, to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and to become more active in proclaiming the Truth in whatever arena we find ourselves.

So if Supreme Court nominees are not as important as many believe, what about other issues?

Regarding the economy we know that Hillary will continue with Barack Obama’s failed policies. But Trump has shown that he is, and will continue to be, a big spending liberal as evidenced most recently by his proposal to make paid child care leave mandatory.

Regarding foreign policy Hillary accomplished next to nothing worthwhile as Secretary of State. And Trump has insulted so many foreign leaders he is nothing but a laughing stock in other countries (and in the process has made the USA a laughing stock also).

Being very active in the Republican Party, I have looked for a good reason to lean toward Trump. As a matter of fact, when talking to others who disagree with my decision to not vote for Trump, I tell them that nothing they say can change my mind, only Trump can change my mind. But, he has said or done nothing to change my mind.

So, in truth, there is no enigma. I don’t care who wins. What I do care about is that Christians who have refused to bend the knee to Trump will unite in the effort to form a viable third party. Done right, that party would provide such a distinction that no one would have an enigma on who to vote for in future elections.

Galatians 6:9 says, “Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”

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