Trump vs. conservatives

Trump vs Conservatives

Why doesn’t Donald Trump want the conservative vote?

The day after the RNC convention ended, a woman from California telephoned Trump’s biggest fanboy – Rush Limbaugh – to ask this question.

The caller’s point was validated by Trump’s speech the previous night: Trump courted millennial Sanders voters who want a free college education, the LGBTQ community, disheartened blacks and Hispanics who have suffered under Obama’s economic and cultural policies, patriots who are rightly concerned about our open borders and the coddling of potential terrorists disguised as refugees, working mothers who want free childcare, soon-to-be unemployed coal workers, even evangelicals.

The one group Trump did not court was conservatives. You remember them, the supposed base of the Republican party?

Limbaugh lost my respect earlier this year when he made it clear that Trump was his pick for the nomination and started his quiet campaign to slay Ted Cruz with a series of backhanded compliments, but Limbaugh’s response to the caller’s serious question was, I thought, both trite and smug: Limbaugh said simply that Trump had never been a conservative, that Limbaugh himself has repeatedly warned that Trump was not and is not a conservative, and that in order to be relevant in this most important election year, the unhappy caller and any like her should just suck it up and vote for the treasonous interloper come November.

Trump’s disdain for all things dear to conservatism has been painfully obvious, from his support for Planned Parenthood’s murders to his tacit approval of gay marriage and transgender bathroom rights, so I don my tinfoil hat once in a while to ponder if he really is a plant, created by the duplicitous Clintons with the full intent of handing her the election while simultaneously destroying the Republican party….

After the RNC convention, I was almost convinced that I could vote for Trump. His acceptance speech really did nothing to deter me from onerously considering that I could hold my nose – as I did in 2008 and 2012 – and vote for yet another lackluster and non-conservative Republican candidate.

But then Trump spoke the following day, attempting to savage Ted Cruz’s integrity with a pack of lies that no media outlet disclaimed – even Rush Limbaugh joined in and laughed at the brouhaha while he was telling his conservative caller to suck it, that she was stuck with Trump.

I believe Ted Cruz’s integrity is the thing that has stoked Trump’s contempt for conservatism. While Trump’s New-York values give rise to many of his stances on the issues, Ted Cruz stands as the antithesis of Donald Trump. Cruz refuses to compromise his principles, while Trump has spent his life saying one thing and eventually doing another. Trump brags about his ability to compromise, touting it as one of the things that will make a Trump presidency so tremendous, so beautiful, so freaking yuge. Ted Cruz has remained true to conservatism throughout his tenure in the Senate, despite the contempt of his colleagues, and assiduously did the same in the presidential campaign.

While Donald Trump’s well-spoken and obviously well-raised children were describing their father as kind, generous and honest, I was struck by the juxtaposition of their characterizations and the actual behavior and speech of that same man during the primaries and even after he accepted the nomination. He’s not just a sore loser; Trump is an ungracious winner. And a liar, to boot.

Trump’s braggadocio and relentless malicious mouth, while appealing to the baser instincts of formerly decent Americans, likely won’t be considered qualities to admire or be emulated on the world stage. And his recently revealed evil plan to privately fund super-PACs to quell Ted Cruz and John Kasich’s future efforts to ever be elected to public office reveal what kind of man Donald Trump truly is when he’s not in front of a camera.

Trump is just as vindictive and hateful a liar as Hillary Clinton – he just happens to claim (every other day) that he wants to close our borders to national threats and restore America’s place as a leader in the world. Like Clinton, Trump does not value the life of the unborn, he does not believe that traditional families are more effective at raising children, nor does he believe that your daughters will be safer in a public restroom absent any meshuga men dressed as women. Trump also acclaims and salivates over the unconstitutional breach by executive order that our current president utilizes to thwart Congress and the will of the people. True conservatism vexes Trump, so he attacks the stalwart conservative.

I was torn about whether to hold my nose and vote for Trump this fall because a Hillary Clinton presidency scares the pants off me. But Trump’s mean-spirited lies and cheap theatricality got me back on the right track. A man who is threatened by the existence and values of a good and honest man like Ted Cruz – and others who believe in conservative values – is just as sinister as Hillary Clinton.

So here I am, back in the fold of rational, decent conservatives as we are ejected from the Republican party. I will write in Ted Cruz’s name in November.

Despite the convincing con job by Trump’s children, I remain #NeverTrump.


Formerly a left-wing liberal nutjob, I found conservatism and have been right-thinking for 30 years.

  1. Any “conservative” who doesn’t support Trump is a damn fool. I’m not even sure what “conservative” means. The GOP has spent thirty years making empty promises to their voters. Its the donors they serve. Every one of them will cut the taxes on the Rich, but all the talk about social issues or small government is Bullshit – All of It. Not a single agency or department has been closed. Not a single social program or government subsidy has been cut. PBS always gets fully funded, and the “Artists” who immerse crucifixes in urine get their monies too. The Bushes have made a mockery of you. Bush, jr. blew a BILLION DOLLARS on Africa, and they still called him a racist. He expanded Medicare, and the GOP went along with him. Obama got everything he wanted. They said they needed the Senate to oppose him, and they got it. 2014 was a blowout. The GOP got the US Senate, Governorships, state houses, and seats all over America. The next day, Boehner rolled over and funded everything Obama asked for. “Conservatism” is a joke. Donald Trump may not be “conservative”, but that term is MEANINGLESS. If he just builds the wall on the Mexican Border, it will be more than the GOP has done for Americans in thirty years.

    1. If you don’t know what conservative means, then I’m sorry for you. The GOP left conservatism many years ago. Tying the GOP with conservatism is a joke. You calling conservatism a joke is pretty idiotic, and you deserve to vote for trump.

    2. You could be right the the term “conservative” is meaningless, but it’s because people who are progressive call themselves that. McConnell, Lamar Alexander, McCain etc. Throw in hannity and limbaugh and others who threw in with your guy from the start and yeah I can see where it means nothing. I am a constitutionalist and there is no doubt what that means.
      The rest of your comment is out of place as the article and the other comments acknowledge that the GOP is a joke. That is the party of your guy, it’s not my party anymore and hasn’t been since 1988. Although it took me about 10 yrs to realize I was actually the Republican In Name Only.

  2. Right on! Great article. I just found this site today and will be passing it on. There are to few outlets who still believe in the Constitution and truth although I have to believe, or go crazy, there are still many of us out there. Thank you for your voice.

  3. To the above article I say amen! I refuse to be nothing more than a “useful idiot” to the Republican Party any longer. I absolutely refuse to not only hold my nose but close my eyes, plug my ears and shut my mouth to vote for someone as utterly unfit as Trump. I intend to exercise one of my few rights left and vote my conscience.

  4. If I`m not to support a sleaze bag like the hildabeast, why would I support an equally sleazy con man like trump? Let them win without this Conservatives vote, mine is third party.

  5. Trump’s plan to fund anti-Cruz and anti-Kasich PACs is petty, mean spirited and vindictive. I cannot remember any candidate in the last fifty years, or any historical accounts I have read, where a presidential candidate attacked or planned to attack members of his own party between the primaries and the general election.

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