Comey aftermath and yesterday’s links

With so much happening the last two weeks, updates aren’t coming as quickly as hoped. Is there going to come a time in the near future when we don’t have a dozen different scandals and issues to cover simultaneously? Probably now.


States’ rights aren’t really about the states. They’re about the individual. (JD Rucker)

The ancient march from crony capitalism to statism (David L. Bahnsen)

The sanctuary cities decision is a bad ruling about a bad policy, but still good law (Kyle Sammin)

The American founders knew a virtuous republic requires virtuous people (Mike Sabo)

Federalism: The force for defending out freedoms (JD Rucker)

Presidential quotations

Presidential Quotations

Shine out at Fox

Shine out at Fox

…Fox News head of programming behind O’Reilly and Hannity is out (DailyWire)

…Turmoil rages on at Fox News (Brian Steinberg)

…Murdoch described Shine’s departure as “a significant day” for Fox (Tré Goins-Phillips)

Stopgap funding

Stopgap Funding


Conference at Yale compares conservatives to KKK and Nazis (Mile LaChance)

Butler University offers absurd course in ‘anti-Trump’ protest (SooperMexican)

Muslim lawyer at U. Buffalo: Islamophobia is ‘manufactured’ by ‘hate profiteers’ (Dave Huber)

Time to defund the Berkeley brownshirts (Jeffrey Lord)

University of California caves to campus snowflakes (Joseph Curl)

Blood on their hands

Blood on their hands

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