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Roadblocks to improving the energy grid: Regulations and empty chairs (John Siciliano)

Big government kills small business (Aaron Bandler)

North Dakota newest state to pass law allowing concealed carry without a permit (Brandon Morse)

Why Wisconsin’s irrational ban on outside butter needs to go (David Rosenthal)

The American Revolution, state sovereignty, and the American Constitutional Settlement (Dave Benner)


Trump moves ahead with plans for tax cuts after health care failure (S.A. Miller and Dave Boyer)

Who is poisoning the President’s mind? (Erick Erickson)

Trump’s military budget is not NATO’s fault (Sheldon Richman)

John Kasich makes surprising announcement about his plans for 2020 (Justin Haskins)

Trump is giving a lot of mixed messages about whom to blame on health care (Amber Phillips)


Swathmore students upset over being punished for office sit-in (Aleister)

What Yale has become (Dave Blount)

Activists expect many students to opt out of Common Core tests (News12)

Professors at elite college pen disturbing rejection of free speech, aim to silence debate on campus (Justin Haskins)

Christian clubs can’t be forced to accept non-Christian leaders under new Kentucky law (Greg Piper)

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