I’m sorry if defending the life of unborn children is an inconvenience for you

Inconvenience of Abortion

No. I’m not really sorry.

For the record, the headline and subheader of the article referenced in the image above is as far as I was able to read. It’s not that I’m lazy; I love reading views from both sides of the political aisle in most circumstances. For this particular topic, I’m all too familiar with the narrative that’s likely being espoused in the article and it infuriates me.

What I imagine I missed is some variation on the theme that abortions represent a reproductive right, that women are being “punished” by right-wing politicians who are making them travel far and jump through hoops just to kill the tiny human inside them. It will try to paint inconveniences as unbearable impediments. I don’t need to read any arguments on the point to know that I disagree.

If the “clump of cells” inside a woman aren’t really considered life, why must they be killed? If they acknowledge that it’s life, just not human life, then at what point does it become a human?

The left invariably tries to paint this issue in a light that dehumanizing the life inside the mother. This is why I’ve felt for a while the battle cannot be fought exclusively from a political perspective. Until the culture itself can learn to be disgusted by headlines like these, no political solution will be able to survive for long.

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