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Hate Trumps Love

Yet another college loses a due process case (David French)

Princeton University cancels Star Wars stormtrooper costume. Why? Nazis. (Hank Berrien)

Bipartisan nonsense on student loan tax benefits (Preston Cooper)

Meet Milo’s champion — a conservative professor who remains by his side post-scandal (Jennifer Kabbany)

This university just banned the word “manpower” for being sexist (Elliott Hamilton)

Cruz Paul push free market repeal of Obamacare

Cruz, Paul push free market repeal of Obamacare

…GOP was against closed-door Obamacare deals before they were for them (Chris Pandolfo)

…Rand Paul: Obamacare repeal is Democrat ideas dressed up in Republican clothing (Glenn Beck)

…Obamacare repeal behind closed doors: This is not the revolution we’ve been waiting for (Gaston Mooney)

White House Daycare Center

Terror threats to U.S. airports expected to grow (Alan Levin)

U.S-funded malaria drug still being sold on the black market in Africa (Judicial Watch)

Asia’s precarious rise (Michael Auslin)

Europe votes to impose visas on Americans (Tyler Durden)

The Islamic Society of North America’s destructive agenda (John Perazzo)

The Elephant in the Room


Suspect who phoned 8 bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers

Suspect who phoned 8 bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers arrested… and he’s a left-wing fake news reporter

…”It’s clear that Thompson is unstable and has been for some time” (Ian Tuttle)

…”Anti-Trump” (Caleb Ecarma)

She chose homeschooling for her kids, not foster care (Christine Field)

The Senate should undo Obama’s education power grab (Frederick M. Hess and Max Eden)

Charles Murray on the new normal at America’s college campuses: ‘intellectual thuggery’ (Mark J. Perry)

Yet another example of why schools of education (rightly) get a bad rap (Dave Huber)

Leftist liberal professor’s frivolous rant: Fighting Trump brain rot (Greg Holt)

Weaponized government: The only Obama legacy (Lawrence Sellin)

Democratic Senator Chris Coons caught lying about ObamaGate scandal (Matthew Burke)

Hungary to introduce legislation targeting Soros (Edmund Kozak)

Chuck Schumer wants to stop the wall from being built (Erick Erickson)

Liberals hate free speech (John Hinderaker)

David Horowitz discusses the shadow government with Lou Dobbs (FrontpageMag)

Paul Ryan channels his inner Pelosi with Obamacare repeal (David Leach)

The secret Obamacare Lite fiasco cometh (DocJay)

Dear Trump: Be a team leader, not a lone ranger (John Fund)

Republicans eye strategy for repealing Wall Street reform (Alexander Bolton)

The rogues gallery of wiretap town

The rogues gallery of wiretap town

…Yes, it appears the government has been spying on President Trump and leaking it (Erick Erickson)

…Levin: The evidence is overwhelming” (Chris Pandolfo)

The WikiLeaks CIA bombshell

The WikiLeaks CIA bombshell

…Edward Snowden: WikiLeaks document dump on CIA hacking capability ‘looks authentic’ (Daniel Chaitin)

…Leak shows how CIA hacks into phones (Joe Simonson)

…Massive new data dump (Twitchy)

…Wide scale hacking (Raphael Satter and Jack Gillum)

…WikiLeaks warns CIA can hack cars for ‘undetectable assassinations’ (Daniel Chaitin)

Trump says Planned Parenthood can keep its funding, on one condition (Tré Goins-Phillips)

Satanists seeking religious rights (Steve Jordahl)

She was diagnosed with a rare disease at 1, but her father did something amazing to save her life (Micaiah Bilger)

40 Coptic Christians have been killed in Egypt due to “targeted attacks” in the last 90 days (Stephanie Parker)

Woman refuses abortion despite high risk to her own life (Nancy Flanders)

Trump looks to free American hostages abandoned by Obama after nuclear deal with Iran (Michael Qazvini)

11 reasons why America and Russia will never be friends (GlennBeck)

The naivete of Jewish support for massive Muslim immigration (Dennis Prager)

Ted Cruz and Michael McCaul: Stop ignoring Iran’s ties to terror (Sam Thomas)

Homegrown terror is top threat in UK (Soeren Kern)

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