When the Russian ambassador is more correct than American media

Sergey Lavrov

For the record, I am very suspicious of the long string of connections between the Trump campaign/administration and the Russians. It’s so conspicuous and abundant that one would have to be a fool to not consider the possibility that Trump and Russia are a little too friendly for comfort.

With that disclaimer out of the way, the handling of the situation by mainstream media has been laughable and quite embarrassing. They’re acting like rabid dogs eating whatever they can reach with their jaws instead of the discerning voice of reason that was once expected of them. Sadly, the Russian ambassador at the heart of many recent controversies, Sergey Lavrov, is well aware of the situation and is rightfully calling out the media for their shenanigans.

According to Michael Qazvini at the DailyWire:

Echoing President Trump’s own characterization of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ alleged contacts with Ambassador Kislyak as a “witch hunt,” Lavrov implied that the American press was acting uncivilized.

This is absolutely a witch hunt. Keep in mind that their may be merit in what the media is investigating, but the ways in which they’re reporting it are indefensible. Not only are they exceedingly biased in their reporting, but they’re willfully ignoring key components of the story in order to promote their narrative. They want Jeff Sessions to be seen as a devious, bigoted scoundrel. When they see that his actions are similar to those of his former Democratic peers, they ignore it or even intentionally cover it up.

Yes, there’s likely an issue with the way that Trump and Russia are operating, but the mainstream media is blowing up their own credibility while trying to blow up Trump’s. We definitely need to look into this, but the press is their own worst enemy in making such an inquiry happen.

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