Was the media just punked?

National Guard Deportation Force

Look, I hate conspiracy theories as much as the next guy not named Alex Jones, but the media botching of Donald Trump’s alleged National Guard deportation force is awfully convenient for the administration.

Yesterday, Trump spent his press conference telling the press how bad they were. The reactions from a wide spectrum of journalists was one of incredulity and dismay. Today, a memo is leaked to the Associated Press that shows the administration is considering deploying the National Guard (which they can’t, by the way) to help round up and deport illegal immigrants. The AP source claims to have asked several times if the memo was real.

Immediately after the story gets wide distribution, the White House declares that the story is “100% false.”

Considering the number of leaks coming out of the White House and intelligence services lately, this may be a brilliant (albeit dishonest) strategy to kill three birds with one stone. First, it makes the media more skeptical about posting stories without complete confirmation. Second, it pumps up Trump’s narrative that the media is just a bunch of lying crooks out to destroy him. Third, this could be a sting to narrow down the list of potential leak suspects. Unlikely, but possible.

The media has become a willing participant in the fake news world (or #VeryFakeNews world, if you’re CNN). They rush out stories to keep up with the demands of our news-on-demand society and can’t seem to fully comprehend the Trump phenomenon. Even those who oppose him are becoming sympathetic to him because of the hard-left lurch mainstream media has had in the last couple of years. They deserve to be punked every now and then.

If it’s a strategy, it’s a good one. If it’s really just an overzealous reporter who didn’t do the homework necessary before printing this type of news, then it’s nothing more than a convenient feather in the administration’s cap. Either way, the media should be concerned.

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JD Rucker

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  1. Yes:

    John Schindler ‏@20committee 6h6 hours ago
    So, the WH is bating MSM with fake stories which they run in order to discredit them.

    There’s a word for that….in Russian.


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