Roger Stone wants Reince Priebus booted from Team Trump

Roger Stone

Longtime Trump-supporter and Priebus-hater Roger Stone has reinvigorated his attempts to have the former RNC chair booted from the administration. His latest ammunition is blaming Reince Priebus for Michael Flynn’s resignation.

I’m not a big fan of Priebus, but to claim that he’s the source of the leaks that ousted Flynn is silly. This is just another attempt at redirection from the perpetually-unhinged Stone. Every misstep by the administration will be blamed on Priebus from now until he’s actually pushed out of his role, if ever that day comes.

Interestingly, Stone’s not alone. Breitbart, the publication that has also always hated Priebus, has put him on notice. Like Stone, they believe that anything bad happening in the administration can be traced back to Priebus.

Personally, I’d like to see him gone, but not because of Flynn or anything else that’s being blamed on him. He’s weak. That’s a trait you don’t want in the upper echelons of the administration, particularly Chief of Staff. In fact, I’d rather see just about anyone in the role. Should Carly Fiorina be calling Trump soon?

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