Chablis, shiraz and two buck chuck

Womens March Hupocrisy

In reading about and watching news pieces about the various Women’s Marches throughout the nation and in Western Europe protesting the inauguration of President Trump, one cannot help but notice that a vast majority of the marchers and protesters are of the financially gifted student class, the upper middle class and the wealthy. In other words, women, and a few men, who have the financial resources to attend the various marches.

Women who claimed that they are oppressed and put down by the “patriarchy” came down to Washington, D.C from Canada to put on their pink knit caps and and yell that Donald Trump was oppressing them.. Women from Seattle and Los Angeles and Kansas City did the same. They were being oppressed by Donald Trump only one day after he assumed the office of President. And never mind the money that these women spent to get to Washington, D.C. They are loud and strong and just super great women representing all women of the nation in their own minds.

But the fact of the matter is that many of the women (and know that this writer is no Trump fan boy), perhaps most, are of what your faithful correspondent considers the Chablis and Shiraz class. They are the women who, after a day’s work, go to a wine bar and drink popular wines thinking of themselves as sophisticated and “with it” instead of going to a bar and knocking back a Mimosa or two, or going home and drinking a beer or a couple of cups of strong coffee.

The modern vocal feminist is not really interested in women’s rights. Modern women, despite what the “sisterhood” claims, have every opportunity that a modern man has, and has the same opportunity to make the same living as the modern man has. She can become a doctor, a lawyer, an astronaut, a senator or President. And and a woman can become a plumber, a machinist, a carpenter, street sweeper or electrician. But our modern Shiraz swilling feminist is not interested in having her daughter spend ten hours a day working at a lathe or milling machine, or digging sewers or raising houses. The modern feminist wants her daughter to work in a “clean” profession or in an office. After all, trades are dirty work and men do dirty work because men are dirty

And the modern feminist wants her daughter to be able to be a slut without a result. The untended pregnancy can be done away with an abortion and the daughter can walk down the aisle of a church in a white dress without the wedding guest knowing that she was a round heels of the worst sort. After all, according to our modern feminist, sex is good and empowers women and children are just an awful burden until one is forty. Their sacrament is the body and blood of an aborted child instead of the Body and Blood of Christ And, to them the aborted child is just a mass of flesh and blood that was inconvenient and was sacrificed to make them better women.

While the upper classes were marching in Washnigton and Los Angeles and New York and Hamburg pitching a bitch about a man who has only one day in women were working at jobs or at home and as happy as could be because they were loved by their families and knew they were loved by their families. And some of them got home from an honest day’s labor with an honest day’s pay, would pop open a bottle of Two Buck Chuck wine and enjoy a supper with their families because they know that there is something that is greater than the federal government.

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Dave Payton

I have been a a machinist in the aerospace/defense industry for over forty years. I have been married to the same wonderful woman for over forty years. I was a sailor in the U.S. Naval Reserve in the 1970s. I have little education beyond high school except trade school and an apprenticeship. I am a conservative Christian in both faith and practice. I'm am mostly interested in cultural issues as opposed to politics. And I like dogs and pigeons no matter the breed.

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