Yes, the U.N. resolution likely influenced Jerusalem terrorist

Jerusalem Terrorist Attack Truck

Contrary to what many politicians (particularly on the left) would have us believe, there are many contributing factors that create a mindset enabling someone to commit acts of terrorism. It requires even more factors to carry out terrorism that will almost certainly result in the death of the terrorist. Today’s attack in Jerusalem falls into the latter category.

We’ve heard media, politicians, and “experts” say that terrorists are driven by the boogeyman-factor of the day. On the left, they’ll blame economic conditions, climate change, or non-religious extremism. On the right, they’ll blame the teachings of Islam, lifestyle indoctrination, or too much intervention from the west. In reality, it’s all of these things and more… well, not climate change, but everything else.

One factor that will go unreported as a factor by mainstream media is the emboldening effects of United Nations Resolution 2334. This is a deeper issue that those outside of Israel have trouble grasping. We don’t get to live in the epicenter of world controversy. We watch from afar, and while some of us actively condemn the U.N.’s actions, we don’t know what it’s like to live in a nation the size of New Jersey surrounded by nations that hate us with radicalized terrorists accounting for a significant percentage of the population. We aren’t bombarded by debates on Israeli television, publications, and radio that work to polarize those who are for or against a two-state solution. We aren’t being harassed by constant calls for jihad and intifada.

Many Muslims living in Israel are immersed in the hate-driven rhetoric. They are led to believe that the entire world is behind them (which isn’t far from the truth). They are told that if they can strike enough fear into the hearts of Jewish Israelis, that the government will buckle to the pressure mounted against them.

They are told that the only way to get the land they believe is rightfully theirs is to get enough brave martyrs to kill Jews.

Jennifer Oriel at The Australian noted the reaction from the “winners” of Resolution 2334 in an article posted shortly before today’s attack:

According to Palestinian Media Watch, Fatah (the leading faction of the Palestinian Authority) thanked the UN with a violent image depicting a Palestinian flag fashioned as a weapon stabbing the Jewish settlements. Blood pooled on the earth beneath. Rather than take Fatah’s apparent threat as a sign that the resolution might facilitate mass murder, the UN is standing firm.

Resolution 2334 may or may not have been the straw that broke this particular camel’s back, but it has definitely had an effect on everyone in Israel. Instead of laying a foundation for peace, it has created more instability by making terrorists feel more justified in their actions. There will be more terrorism in Israel because of the resolution and the blood of those who die will be on the hands of U.N. Security Council members who voted for it… or failed to stop it.

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