Liberal logic and the art of denying reality

Liberal logic and the art of denying reality

From abortion rights to LGBT, liberals like to play the “social progression” game to bring the conservative societal norms to their knees, moving away from both God and convicting Biblical standards. It seems being moral is considered wrong to leftists because it doesn’t fit their agenda.

Bernie Sanders tweeted on December 28th:

The problem with many of their favorite issues is their tendency to uproot traditional society’s ways of life in order to push a bigger, more intervening government. In promoting the LGBT movement and abortion among others, they claim to be “tolerant” of other views while disavowing the conviction of God or the right of others to be Christian at all.

The contradictions within the liberal mindset are ever-present in their arguments. While condemning any and all acts of animal cruelty, they wave away the horrors of killing the unborn child. While using false data and statistics from.the ice caps and oceans, they tirelessly call to address the imminent dangers of “global warming” by upping the EPA’s influence. While using synthetic fossils formed in a lab and the Big Bang cosmological theory, they promote that macroevolution is fact and, therefore, indisputable while forgetting the basic laws of entropy and matter, and they push the liberal agenda onto our nation’s young minds. As a high school student, I have seen and continue to see it constantly.

All the time on Twitter and Facebook, I see articles about liberals advocating for women’s right to abortion. I have friends who tell me all the time, “Why can’t they choose for themselves whether or not they want to have the child? It’s their body, anyway.” While it is their body, it is also the unborn’s body. The unborn, the least of these, are protected under our God-given rights and the Constitution. In rejecting the legitimacy of the fetus’ humanity, liberals reject that a human at conception does not have DNA, which is completely false and a rejection of science.

Earlier this week, regarding the “tolerant left,” a news story came out about the liberal’s newest LGBT figure, an eight-year-old “boy” who was ejected from the Boy Scouts for being a girl who changed genders. An article from Uproxx wrote in an article published on December 28:

“After being a member of the Cub Scouts for only a month, Maldonado was unceremoniously ousted from his troop. The reason? Biologically, Maldonado is female, and The Boy Scouts of America, a group that’s all about acceptance and togetherness, thinks that girls are icky.”

When complaining about non-tolerance, Uproxx author Mark Shrayder here resorts to making the claim that a group for young boys thinks girls are “icky”…really? Without basis, this liberal author makes the ridiculous claim that the Boy Scouts kicked out a boy because they don’t like girls, when the true reason is much different, quite obviously.

Claims and position without true basis of logic, true accounts, or science seem to be the trend among the left’s thinking and grounds of debate. How interesting that they like to turn the tables onto conservatives, Christians, and moralistic people.

David French wrote a great article yesterday about liberal ideas not selling to voters in the 2016 election with the defeat of Hillary Clinton. While Bernie has claimed that the movement is “just beginning,” he, Hillary and other left-wingers have proven that their ideology isn’t settling as the “change” voters are looking for.

Americans aren’t looking for lies that will give them more government intervention. Trump, despite his comments about women and the media’s backfire against him, won fifty three percent of the white women vote according to a CBS news exit poll, a telling statistic of the importance of women’s rights issues (a big push by Hillary) compared to others. Americans learned that Obama’s policies brought them more than double the national debt and not much to show for it. More and more women are coming out against abortion after having one and experiencing the post traumatic stress and loss that follows. The LGBTs continue to be a minority despite the leftward push towards a society without boundaries.

Our fight certainly is not over. Evil will try to penetrate us left and right (no pun intended), but Christians and conservatives must stand tall against their threats and remember that our God is bigger than any sin, discouragement or temptation that we face. Psalm 46:1-2 tells us, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not we fear.” We will be bold in our faith, as we are called to do.

Megan Kerr

Christian conservative writer Megan Kerr is a senior in high school. In addition to being a freedom fighter, she enjoys debating, volunteering for political campaigns (such as Ted Cruz’s Presidential Campaign in Indiana) and writing about politics. She is also a violinist and violist at the Anderson University Chamber Orchestra as well as in her school music programs. When she isn’t writing for The New Americana, she is playing the viola and violin, studying American history, checking up on the news and spending time with her family and friends.


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