Stop pretending the Democrats will run anyone over 70 in 2020

Elizabeth Warren Joe Biden

Elizabeth Warren. Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton? Seriously?

With several publications making their predictions about who the Democrats will run for President in 2020, I have to wonder if it’s all some sort of subterfuge to make the GOP complacent. The lists seem to include all or most of the names listed above. It doesn’t matter if it’s wishful thinking from a conservative source, final homage from a liberal source, or “thoughtful” inclusion from a neutral source. The only names that are universally on the lists are the old Democrats who absolutely won’t be nominated under any circumstances and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Not everyone is blind, though. Harry Reid is concerned on his way out.

They learned a valuable lesson in 2016: old white people won’t get out the vote from their base. I will go so far as to say I’m 100% certain the next Democratic nominee for President will be under the age of 65.

There’s no need to contribute to the speculation at this point other than to mention one key point: if Donald Trump has a successful first term, there’s a chance the Democrats might use star power at the top of the ticket or at VP to draw attention. Two names come to mind when taking this into consideration. One has been floated, jokingly or not, for years: Oprah. The other one is, to the best of my knowledge, my own prediction: George Clooney.

Before too many balk about that idea, let’s remember that he’s quite politically minded, has the ego to put him in office, and would be likened to the left’s version of Ronald Reagan or Arnold Schwarzenegger (yes, it’s hard to put those two names in the same sentence).

If the left thinks Trump is too popular to defeat traditionally, they could get aggressive.

They are licking their wounds, but they’re also preparing their strategies for 2018 and 2020. They may come across as being confident that Trump will blow it, but they’re not counting on it. Whoever emerges, it won’t be anyone on Social Security.

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