The U.S. pays more of the U.N. budget than all other permanent Security Council members combined. #DefundUN

United States Funds the United Nations

Following the debacle of the United Nation’s resolution against Israel and subsequent calls to defund them, I started doing a little research. It’s common knowledge that the United States contributes the most to the organization, but I was shocked to find out our lion’s share was more like a zoo’s share.

We pay 22% of the annual regular budget. To put that into perspective, Russia and China combine to pay about 7.5%. If that sounds ridiculous to you, then you’re not crazy. Only a lunatic could possibly believe this isn’t a joke.

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As Senator Ted Cruz once famously said, “If you won’t stand with Israel, I will not stand with you.” The United Nations is not standing with Israel. It’s time to reassess our relationship with them.

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