The left haven’t learned a thing… and isn’t it sweet

Keith Ellison

The election has been over for one month as of yesterday. America spoke up and rejected the policies and anti-American sentiment of Obama, the left, and the left wing media. So one would imagine that Democrats, after enduring an embarrassing loss to one of the worst candidates in history, would re-evaluate their agenda and approach to politics to find out what went wrong… right? Well it has become clear that they have no intention of doing such things. In fact, it appears they might be doubling down on the last eight years. And I say we should enjoy and celebrate their decision.

Democrats are no strangers when it comes to identity politics. In fact it’s been part of their platform for decades and was unleashed in full force this election cycle. How many times did you hear, “If you vote for a Republican, you are homophobe, xenophobe, bigot, racist, islamophobe, etc.,” simply for disagreeing with positions and policies? So how did Van Jones explain the election results on national TV? He called it a “whitelash,” insinuating that the whole electorate were a group of white people who came together to destroy all the ‘wonderful’ work Obama and his administration bestowed upon us. Well I guess it never crossed Mr. Jones’ mind that this very way of thinking is partly to blame for the loss.

Americans are tired of being labeled racists for supporting law enforcement. Americans are tired of being labeled homophobe because we don’t want men using the toilet next to our wives and daughters. Americans are tired of being called xenophobes and bigots because we want a strong border. Perhaps if Mr. Jones and other progressive had just a touch of intellectual honesty, they would understand identity politics only divides.

Double standards are nothing new when it comes to Democrats also. Remember when Trump hinted that he might not accept the results of the election? Hillary Clinton and the left lost their minds. And now because Trump won, all bets are off. We have Jill Stein, along with the Clinton campaign and many others, rejecting the electoral college results and putting their focus on the popular vote, all the while hiding behind the notion of ‘democracy’. Folks, we have never been, nor will we ever be a democracy. We are a constitutional representative republic. The Democrats know this but constantly push the narrative of democracy. Please understand, the founders and framers knew the perils of a direct democracy which is why they were so brilliant in the way they formed our election process. They understood the dangers of a populist mob… hence the electoral college. The idea is that a heavily populated area cannot override the interest of the rest of the states. It’s perfect in its design and needs to be left alone. But progressives are actively fighting against the electoral college in the name of ‘democracy.’ And if that fight means destroying the very Constitution they swore to uphold and protect, than it’s just fine with them. By the way, go ask the Romans and so many others how ‘democracy’ worked out for them!

The Democrats certainly don’t want any change in their leadership. In fact it looks like they might go more radical. Again, instead of looking at themselves and realizing that Americans are rejecting the socialist/progressivist ideas and agendas they covet, they would rather push that agenda harder. Replacing Harry Reid with Chuck Schumer as Senate Minority Leader is a clear example. And now the Democrats have reinstated Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader after an overwhelming vote in her favor. Furthermore, the Democrats are pushing to make Keith Ellison the next DNC chair. Yes Keith Ellison, a far left radical with ties to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. Yes, the same Keith Ellison who has defended the racist antisemite Louis Farrakahn. Yes, the same Keith Ellison who compared 9/11 to the Reichstag fire in Nazi Germany.

The left wants to tear apart Trump’s appointments by making up false claims of bigotry, but in the same breath fawn all over the likes of Ellison who we can prove is a legitimate bigot and I contest an antisemite as well. Moreover, they claim Republicans and Donald Trump are a direct threat to our freedom and at the same time are falling all over themselves praising Fidel Castro’s brilliance and leadership after his death. It’s truly twisted and disgusting, but that’s progressive Democrats for you.

Again, it is obvious that Americans as a whole reject the progressive agenda of Obama and the Democrat establishment and yearn for a return to some state of conservatism and normalcy. So it shouldn’t bother us that the left is going ahead full steam with the same ideology that has lost them not only both chambers of Congress, but more and more governorships, state legislatures, and now the Presidency.

While they’re out protesting police, we will promote a message of brotherhood and liberty. While they’re pushing for men to be able to use women’s room, we will strive for morality and decency. While they’re lambasting minorities for supporting Republicans, we will extend an olive branch to minorities who want to understand what real freedom looks like. While they push for higher taxes and regulations on businesses, we will show what happens when you remove government from the free market. While they scream a divisive rhetoric, we will champion unity.

With hard work, and a little luck, the mid-term elections will be a glorious victory for Republicans and conservatives. And as long as we hold Donald Trump’s feet to the fire to keep him from lurching left, in four years we will be celebrating again. So on behalf of all liberty loving patriots out there, I have a message for the progressive liberal Democrats………. Thank You!

  1. Honestly, I think the title should be “Politicians haven’t learned a thing, isn’t it bitter-sweet”…

    …if there is one thing this election and cycle has shown me it is that the republicans are drunk from an election gone “right”. Listening to talk radio and “conservative” media outlets, there seems to be an almost feral giddiness at the left’s topple from power. Instead of discussing how the republicans should take the ideals of the party forward and CHANGE the way we govern ourselves, there is this “ok, now its our turn to wield the sword of destiny” attitude that is dangerous. I would argue that it is in fact the republicans that have not learned a thing from their past, or from the left’s rise and fall.

    Instead of shaking the finger at those that you (we) oppose, chastising them for not heeding the warnings, republicans should be asking themselves a few questions….

    1. how do we make sure we don’t make the same mistakes?
    2. how do we not lose ourselves and our core beliefs after having obtained power/control?
    3. how did we achieve this power/control (our success or other’s demise)?

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