Because it’s Amerika: So the Russians helped elect Trump?

So the Russians helped elect Trump

Some “evidence” is coming out that, as suspected in many corners both before and after our-just-blissfully-concluded election, the Russians had some “role” in that election.

And according to the new standards of rational thought in Acela Country, that Russian interference tipped the balance.

Because the same people who wanted to fast-track immigrants’ citizenship applications to jam in more new voters – wink, wink – now have to claim that real Americans, after all, would never, never, ever have elected “That Man” (Trumpus Horribilius Annihilatus) President.

Because these same people who praised Fidel Castro upon his passing as a great revolutionary, after Castro cozied up to and became perhaps the Soviets’ greatest worldwide ally (as opposed to an occupied, subjugated satellite) during the Cold War, now find the thought of Soviet (buzzer sounds) — sorry, Russian — interference in our elections flatly reprehensible.

Because these same people who love the real “Red” states — that is, anywhere outside our borders — can’t come to grips with the fact Trump won the Electoral College.

That’s really funny. Hilarious.

I mean, I thought — and I’ll bet you did, too — that “morality” died during the Obama Administration. From a culture whose television producers now offer up reality family dramas like “Modern Family” which make “Three’s Company” seem tame.

The United States reportedly did the exact same thing with the Israeli prime minister election in the spring of 2015. Not that it helped; Binjamin Netanyahu got re-elected despite (or perhaps because Israelis rightfully resented) the alleged efforts of an Obama Administration which barely tried to hide its contempt for his rule.

That unsuccessful attempt at regime change showed that many voters don’t like a bully, It’s the flip side of the bully pulpit and shows the lesson: A bully has to know his limitations, and stay within his borders.

As for me, I’m learning Russian!

Eric Dixon

Eric Dixon is a conservative lawyer, campaign strategist and blockchain technology innovator. He has been an election lawyer and delegate candidate for the presidential campaigns of Ted Cruz and Steve Forbes, and has successfully represented media organizations including National Review in lawsuits against the government. A Yale Law School graduate, Mr. Dixon is headquartered out of New York and represents companies, entrepreneurs and investors on financing, corporate governance and regulatory compliance issues. Mr. Dixon is also a former radio talk show host, think tank research director and has completed thirteen marathons.

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