Democracide: The murdering of America by the left

Electoral College

Get ready, people. This is just getting started.

The word has gone out. Ending the Electoral College will be the greatest social justice warrior recruitment tool used since the outrage over women who couldn’t afford their own birth control. You remember. That was the anguish over birth control that costs about 92% less than the mani-pedi appointments these same women get every two weeks.

For the left, the recent presidential election has begun to merge the so-called racial injustices of this country with a so-called unfair Electoral College scheme that benefits only KKK-loving white nationalists and hateful republicans who are determined to stifle the rights and dignity of the downtrodden.

Unfortunately for the left, the system worked as designed by our Founding Fathers.

Mob rule did not win an election, representative government did. Hillary may have won the popular vote, but the Electoral College did what is supposed to do: It represented ALL people in this country, even those toothless, gun-clinging, Bible thumping hicks in middle America.

Hillary was supposed to get elected. It was a done deal, and it was promised to her eight years ago. Something went terribly wrong with that plan, and over a week later, the left is still reeling from something they can’t comprehend. Losing. They have been trained for eight years under the leadership of Obama to get their way. They now believe that only they matter, and everybody else is a racist, bigot, and homophobe.

Because Ms. Rodham-Clinton was not placed into position, we have rioters in the streets and bullying students on university campuses screaming about how horrible this country is and how terrified they are to even step outside.

We have the heads of major corporations, such as PepsiCo, telling us that their minority and women employees are scared and worried if they are safe.

Oh, the terror!

Safe? From what or whom? Look, I wasn’t a Trump supporter, but this is really stupid stuff. Dunce hat in the corner kind of stupid stuff. There isn’t an ounce of logic to any of this massive hysteria other than the fact that the left sees the Obama leftist gravy train pulling into the station.

Never mind that Trump was a democrat himself and a fairly liberal one, up until 23 seconds ago in political time.

Amidst all the fear and trembling from the left comes the latest fantabulous idea of doing away with that totally rigged and unfair Electoral College. Bills are being introduced in Congress, politicians are speaking of it, and the media is beginning the spin.

I could feel this hell coming in the early morning hours of November 9, 2016. Trump winning the election was a huge slap in the face to an entire party, Barack Obama, and millions of whiny misguided people who counted on a lying, corrupt crone to win. Hillary was supposed to be president, and by God, there will be payback because she won’t be.

The angry mobs on the street don’t understand what it really means to get rid of the Electoral College, but the politicians on the left surely do. They would love to flip this country from a representative republic to a straight democracy. They would never lose an election again.

Sorry, Rush Limbaugh. Your repeated wishes back in the day that Obama would fail did not materialize in the least. He of Thin Skin has been wildly successful as a Constitution-hating leftist, tearing apart our country from the safety and authority of the Oval Office.

After eight years of that horror show, the idea of abolishing the Electoral College sounds perfectly acceptable to millions of people. Those of us who cherish this country as founded had better pay attention to this one and not just laugh it off.

After all we have witnessed in recent years, is it really so far fetched to believe it could happen?


I grew up in a politically dysfunctional household with a staunch liberal mother and a mushy in-the-middle pop. I am naturally a conservative. I came out of the womb as one, and took great delight in annoying my parents by voting for Ronald Reagan, and doing horrible things like giving my mother a copy of Rush Limbaugh’s first book for Christmas one year. I am a classically trained pianist, and a reader of anything obscure and lost to history. I volunteer with animals (I call them fuzzybutts) rescued from “death row” at the pound. I was raised a Christian, and I still have a lot of questions and some doubts, but my faith remains. God talks to me all the time; I just often neglect to listen. Oh, I’m also an ex-felon. Imagine that.

  1. Of course, we also have Trump to blame. After all, he was the one who was constantly droning on during the election on how the system was rigged. He is right… just look how 1) Sanders got railroaded by the Democratic Party, and 2) how the grassroot got screwed by the establishment while attempting to change the rules “for the next election” (with Trump’s help). Where Trump and Clinton (and their acolytes) get it wrong is that they benefited from the very corrupt system they are railing about.

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