Hillary admits to being one of the most corrupt, least popular candidates of all time

Hillary Clinton Twitter Gaffe

Is this a moment of self-awareness? Has she finally become so sick of her own lies that she’s finally embracing reality and transparency? Is Hillary playing the I’m-bad-but-he-is-worse card? No. Chances are, a nuance of Twitter is to blame for her staff not realizing they were Tweeting self-deprecation in its purest form Monday afternoon.

Here’s the Tweet:

When a link is shared on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, the sites pull in meta data from the post to share in a preview. The title of the post as it appears on Slate is “Making the Choice” but the meta data fed to social sites is “How to Choose Between the Most Corrupt, Least Popular Candidates of All Time.”

Slate, normally a trustworthy source of leftist propaganda, has always been a little critical of Clinton at times. Most on the staff seem to feel she’s too conservative and would have preferred Bernie Sanders, but they’re still very much on support of Clinton even as the “lesser of two evils” that they clearly believe she is. Nonetheless, this gaffe makes for interesting fodder for conservative publications and #TCOT aficionados.

JD Rucker

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