The GOP needs competition, not revival


Over at Moonbattery, Dave Blount was kind enough to post an article I wrote about the new party. In it, I detail why the GOP cannot be fixed from within. If there’s any chance of getting conservative control over the GOP, it will be through a third party.

Until there’s a reason for the GOP to want to promote conservatives, they’ll always lean towards moderates and centrists. Why? Because they know if they nominate moderates, conservatives are still likely to begrudgingly vote for them over the Democrat. We have to give them a real incentive to want conservatives. If they comply, great. If they don’t, we need to make them understand that we’re voting for conservatives regardless of the party.

Here’s an excerpt:

The party cannot be fixed from within. They will continue their leftward lurch until conservatives are willing to finally “stand athwart history yelling, ‘stop!’” We will be launching our party immediately after the election. Raise your hand and prepare to be counted in the very near future. We have the strategy to succeed and thanks to modern communication technology, we have the resources to reach proper velocity before the next election cycle. Today is the day to act. Will you?

Read more on Moonbattery.

JD Rucker

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