Republicans have the perfect candidate

Donald Trump is the Perfect Republican Candidate

In the aftermath of the release of the latest of Trump’s outrageous sewage, there are many who are calling for the nominee to step down. Some religious leaders are among them. I wonder how many of them supported him against Ted Cruz. Some are genuine, like Mike Lee, who has never sold out, some are his big promoters – remember the guys who were twisting arms and making threats to ensure that THIS MAN would get the nomination. Some are just #NeverHillarys who can’t stay the course any longer. I have seen emails from Free the Delegates pleading with everyone to finally take legal action to dump him.

I would say, DON’T take him off the ticket. He is the perfect candidate for a party that no longer has any moral base left. Why put lipstick on the Republican pig by hoisting up a decent candidate? You know you would blackmail him, buy him or otherwise corrupt him in order to make deals with the left. This is a party that has the perfect mascot. A party that will countenance virtually anything – abject support of Obama’s most egregious programs and policies, spending us into $20 trillion in national debt, a party that no longer cares about right or wrong, that will look the other way while Planned Parenthood murders and dismembers babies for profit, who will cede our internet to people who plan to remove it from the jurisdiction of the 1st Amendment in order to cooperate with totalitarian governments in Iran or Korea or maybe Denmark, who can’t handle free speech, and a candidate who enshrines Vladimir Putin as a guy who knows how to take care of business, a candidate who wants to “loosen up” libel laws to punish people for saying what they think of him. A candidate who uses eminent domain to fill his pockets with unearned cash, who will not release his tax returns because he thinks he doesn’t have to.

By the way, this is a candidate – the first we’ve ever seen – who refuses to put his assets in a blind trust. That’s right. When asked point-blank about this in the first primary debate, he said he would turn his business interests over to Ivanka and his sons. Lovely. Another reason why we need to see this jerk’s income tax returns – we need a heads-up on who he’ll be making great deals with. And Ivanka is emerging as one of his chief advisors. At least she has been, with her Marxist scheme for publicly funded daycare and her contribution with regard to enforced paid maternity leave.

This would appear to be the perfect candidate for a party that sees its role as one of facilitating Obama’s policies, or Nancy Pelosi’s or Harry Reid’s. Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, waits to take a position until he sees what Harry has to say. Nancy Pelosi demands that we pass bills to find out what is in them, like a dimestore grab bag. And your candidate, Republicans, has supported these creeps. Lavishly! So it seems a little disingenuous at this point for these prissy Republican “leaders” to get the vapors over a few revealing comments by their chieftain. Remember? Not only does he grope women and call them pigs or slobs or assign them numbers – “10” or “not 10” or “no longer a 10” – but he will make America great again. How? By putting people on no-fly lists so as to defeat the 2nd Amendment. By “loosening up” libel laws to defeat the 1st Amendment. By going all in for “stop and frisk” which defeats the 4th Amendment. He doesn’t care which amendment he is violating, basically, because he has never read the damned Constitution. What do you prigs expect? It reminds me of Captain Reynaud in Casablanca: “I am shocked! Shocked!”

For those of you who think Pence is a better bet and should replace Trump, he owns this. And Trump owns him as well. Remember that morning after the nomination? He brought Pence out as if on a leash to rub his nose in another accusation that Rafael Cruz plotted to murder JFK. What did Pence do then? He stood by and allowed false accusations to flow forth, smearing an innocent man with assassination of an American president. He looked like the coward he is. He didn’t express any outrage at that, nor did he want off of the ticket then. He knew then and before then exactly what Trump was and is. He was okay with it then. He’s stuck with it now. He belongs on that ticket. If he can’t think of anything to say, it is just lucky for him his debate is over with.

This is why I am no longer a Republican. For the first time ever, I will no longer support a Republican based on his party. If a Republican, by coincidence, happens to hold positions and has a character which I can at least respect, I will support him. But I will support him in spite of his party affiliation, not because of it. This year I will write in a candidate I could respect, whose policies I think would serve American interests. It will not include those who have endorsed Trump, however. Or perhaps, for the first time, I will just not vote on the presidency.

The Republican Party decided that this year its face will be the bloated, jaundiced, snarling mug of Donald Trump. He is disgusting, indecent and profane. They knew this well in advance. The video they are now so offended by dates back to 2005. He was a known quantity back then. His whole life is more or less summed up right there in that little video. Those who have read his book knew it long ago, and those are HIS words, HIS claims. If the American people decide they want to go this way, we might as well let the world know that we have lost our virtue, that we are no longer the nation founded on high principles, morality, courage. If America decides to go with this we will be known as a cesspool of lost souls. If so, so be it. The sooner we are finally rid of the fraud that is the Republican Party, the better. We can then begin to build something worthwhile. The Republican Party needs to go, like the dodo, for us to have a chance at something better. This party will get nothing better after Trump.

Sally Morris

Sally Morris is a political commentator and writer for The New Americana and the Dakota Beacon. Raised in a very conservative environment where politics were the common topic of discussion at home, she began early to develop critical thinking skills and follow political news and events. At 15 she was drawn to her local Republican headquarters where her typing skills were put to work preparing canvass sheets, poll sheets, maintaining files. She was precinct committeeman in her state district and chaired two committees in a state Republican Convention. The deterioration of Republican Party principles has been a concern throughout her years as a Republican. In 2009 she organized the first tea party event in her city, which spawned a core group of activists. Today Ms Morris defines herself as a “constitutional conservative independent”. She has also written for newspapers under the names “Kathleen McCarty” and “Ellen Jones.” As a property owner she took on the city council’s plan to destroy her historic neighborhood and subsequently authored the first successful nomination to the National Register of Historic Places of a linear resource (Granitoid Pavement) for its engineering and design. It was also placed on the State Registry (North Dakota). She has also seen first-hand the corruption of the eminent domain principle when her Minnesota home was seized for development of a project which never, in fact, materialized, although the home was demolished. This experience brought into sharp focus eminent domain abuse as well as other corrupt practices in local government. (Another reason why she opposes Donald Trump and Haley Barbour). A devotee and performer on Celtic Harp she has also presented discussions on topics of Irish history and music at the Fargo/Moorhead Celtic Festival. She and her late husband, Clyde Morris, homeschooled their three children, now grown and also published authors and musicians.

  1. Excellent! Your sentiments are similar to my own and I have a similar voting plan for November. Keep up the good work!

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