The post-rational era of chaos

Preparing for the American ice age (part 3 of infinity)

The post-rational era of chaos

The attacks on America are not political, nor economic, or even cultural. They are anthropological. They strike at our weaknesses and our most intrinsic human nature. That is why Americans are feeling a visceral discomfort that is not easily explained by the traditional political or class fault lines.

Consider the most devastating element of tyranny and terrorists alike: the unpredictable nature of their attacks. The loss of predictability strikes at the human comfort zone. We like to control our destiny and our future; tyranny uses power to strike at even this most basic human desire.

Mankind enjoys and seeks predictability. It was true of cavemen, and it’s true today. The ability to predict the future, or at least desire it, and to enhance the ability to influence the future is the foundation for building the family, a primitive community, or a budding civilization. Without it, mankind would still be in the hunter-gatherer nomad existence of 10,000 years ago. Instead, we have civilizations and institutions which seek to build on yesterday’s and today’s efforts to pass the achievements on to our descendants.

The value of predictability underlies a functioning economy. There is a correlation between the predictability in human affairs first fostered by the new Republican form of government of the United States and the rapid economic growth of the new nation. Basic respect for human rights and liberty allows for innovation to flourish.

The Western world is seeing the opposite become dominant. We are in an age of unpredictability. The supposed dawn of terrorism is held up as a prime cause. This is not accurate, not historically. It’s a false flag. A useful boogeyman to distract us from the true causes.

Increased and abusive regulations, laws, and ad hoc rule making (or executive orders, if you will) all are evidence of this unpredictability. We increasingly are uncertain of our own futures. That’s by design. The uncertainty is not unintended; it is the point. Unpredictability means people have less control over their destinies, and is the tool of the wolf to induce the sheep to surrender rights, assets, and property in search of a painless future.  Today, give people a sense of creature comforts, and you can get their assent to, even their cooperation with, a host of governmental abuses which would turn your stomach.

This is why rules and laws are being eroded. It is how despots and bullies enhance how they are perceived; the perception of their own power. Laws don’t govern you, they say, we do. This is why the rule of law is antithetical to the rule of tyrants. It’s why you don’t have a “rule of law” in totalitarian regimes. It’s why human rights lawyers are routinely jailed in The People’s Republic of China, even today. This is why we see attacks on rationality, including rules of nature and of science. It’s why we are seeing an attack on entire forms of knowledge, of scientific and rational inquiry; and a related attack on credentials, achievement, and reason. These attacks have cowed the voices of reason, of objective truth, and of the scientific method. It’s why there’s no balanced discussion about climate change theories, much less the real underlying issue of the depletion of nonrenewable fossil fuels. It’s as if we’ve devolved 10,000 years and gone back to Stone Age rational thought: Agree with us… or we stone you (pun intended).

Public square America has entered an era of post-rationality. Not necessarily irrationality, but rather, a time where rational thought is not necessarily opposed (because opposition to rationality is in itself a form of inquiry and challenge) as much as it is devalued because it is rational. Objective truth is now relegated to the realm of the basement, the intellectual speakeasies, the other cloistered environs where the intellectual and cultural heretics gather in fear of reprisal.

Standards, rules, and customs all must fall in the new era. The concept of objective facts, achievements, and knowledge are under wholesale attack because any objective basis for opposition to the dictates of the opinion leaders must be dismantled. While feelings are exalted, objective facts become disqualifiers and their adherents become political apostates for challenging a new, amorphous orthodoxy whose sole constant characteristic seems to be the absence of any constant. We see there is no difference between the out of control government bureaucrats, their collaborators embedded within the largest business, educational, and religious institutions of our time, and the agitating mobs in our cities and on our college campuses.

Message: Facts don’t matter. We do. Because nothing screams power like the ability to unilaterally declare right and wrong; to exercise power for its sake where arbitrary action is the point of the power.

A prime object of the post-rational attack is to denigrate the achiever class; those clusters of people whose amassed wealth, abilities, and achievements afford them the ability to be somewhat independent, and thereby escape dependence upon either the government or other institutions. The reputational attacks seek to destroy the achievers’ credibility in order to discourage any possible opposition against the post-rational mob, and inhibit their ability to threaten the ruling elites.

This is the modus operandi of the tyrants, the populists, and the nationalists. Facts? Facts are for losers!  What matters is not objective truth, but rather your compliance and obedience to us – and what is threatened will happen to you if you don’t obey.

Now, does any of this sound familiar? Doesn’t this describe what’s been happening on college campuses, inside many large corporations, and even some 2016 campaigns urging you in so many words to “climb aboard… or else”?

Uncertainty defines chaos. In uncertainty, the losers and non-achievers can find hope that disorder and chaos will cause a reordering from which they will benefit. For the opposite reason the winners and the achievers abhor uncertainty. Too often, chaos destroys their sacrifice, their dedication, their achievement.

America has always been led by men and women who upheld great standards. Our continued prominence as a nation and homeland for its people will depend on the current generation’s willingness to continue this tradition.

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Eric Dixon

Eric Dixon is a conservative lawyer, campaign strategist and blockchain technology innovator. He has been an election lawyer and delegate candidate for the presidential campaigns of Ted Cruz and Steve Forbes, and has successfully represented media organizations including National Review in lawsuits against the government. A Yale Law School graduate, Mr. Dixon is headquartered out of New York and represents companies, entrepreneurs and investors on financing, corporate governance and regulatory compliance issues. Mr. Dixon is also a former radio talk show host, think tank research director and has completed thirteen marathons.

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