Yesterday’s links today, 4-26-2016

Cartel-linked suspects arrested after Panama Papers revelations

Levin: Cruz is not a sellout

About that Mizzou professor who was fired… she has something to blame

Obama supports the global warming conspiracy theory against free speech

ISIS fighters calling in sick

Mike Pence
Dear Mike: Endorse Ted

Tweet at Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to endorse Ted Cruz

Nuclear command and control must be modernized

Rush: Cruz isn’t violating the rules

US Government takes in record haul in 2015

Russia showing interest in Israeli natural gas

Ex-Im bank extending loans to Airbus

Trump’s best losers

Even Bill Maher is slamming “white privilege”

Number of Islamist terror plots rises to 84

Trump: “Leave Tom Brady alone!”

Genderless bathrooms: it’s the agenda, stupid

Obama claims to have saved the world

Trump attacks Kasich on his pancake-eating methodology

…”Do you want that for your President?”

Obama, Divider-in-Chief

Trump’s assault on majority rule

Egypt’s military regime growing more brutal

‘She works hard for the money’: Sen. Tom Carper’s pitch for Hillary is just plain ‘awkward’

Cruz renews call for flat tax

Richards: Vote for Hillary so pro-lifers won’t get rid of Planned Parenthood

Reince calls for peace

State Department denies promising “no boots on the ground”

Trump-supporter Joe Scarborough gives praise about foreign policy… to Hillary

HSAs on the Obamacare exchange chopping block

16 pro-LGBT businesses that operate in countries with poor human rights records

Noah’s ark replica to sail from the Netherlands to Brazil

Harvard: Millennials hate socialism more than capitalism

Hillary has a millennial problem… unless she faces Trump

Millennials picking Hillary over Trump, 61% to 25%

Make Syria Great Again: Syrian-Americans say Trump is like Assad

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