Rahm Emanuel is a disgrace and needs to go

Rahm Emanuel Chicago Police Chief

Under any normal circumstance, a political criticism should always be backed up by a long, detailed, well-researched series of arguments about why something is good or bad. When it comes to politicians themselves, it’s important to make sure that their fans are covered through a proper use of evidence, facts, and opinions. In the case of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, there’s no need. Either you see that he’s a crook who needs to leave or you don’t.

His latest escapade follows his reluctance to accept any of the vetted finalists for Police Chief of Chicago. It’s rich for him to be so critical now when his city is falling apart.

If any mayor in the nation has failed to keep his people safe, it’s Rahm Emanuel. He is loaded with political skill but short on judgment and honesty. Like I said – either you see it or you don’t.

Chastity Mansfield

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