Ronald Reagan’s son: Donald Trump is no Reagan Republican

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One of the most common comebacks that Donald Trump offers when asked about his shift from liberal Democrat to Republican on literally dozens of issues is that President Ronald Reagan also evolved. As Reagan’s eldest son Michael points out, their paths to conservative transformation are completely different.

From single-payer socialized medicine to affirmative action to increases in environmental biofuel mandates, regulations, and subsidies, one doesn’t have to look at his past liberal views to find him opposed to Reagan. These are some of Trump’s current liberal views. There are more.

Michael Reagan points to something very interesting about his potential Supreme Court nominees:

For most of his life Trump had been a Democrat, backing strong gun control and abortion rights. Today he says he’s for the Second Amendment and pro-life. But when asked who he’d like for the Supreme Court, he suggested his sister, a sitting federal judge. It turns out she’s liberal and pro-choice.

He’s conservative on immigration and his tax plan is moderately Republican. Pretty much everything else he’s proposing lines up with either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Trump’s supporters don’t know this. They won’t allow themselves to know it. If they’ve made up their mind for Trump, they’re not reading this article even if they saw it on their Facebook news feed. They may have commented some sort of defense of Trump or attack on us, but they refuse to read the truth. That’s why there are so many of them. Their heads are in the sand.

It’s important that those of you who are intelligent, open-minded, and considering Trump must do your homework. Don’t listen to the bought-off pundits like the folks at Breitbart or the Drudge Report. Conservative as they are, they’re on board for self-serving reasons, not because they believe that Trump is a conservative or would make a good President.

Reagan warns us about Trump’s inconsistencies:

I don’t doubt for a second the Donald is a great and funny entertainer. He’s always playing to his audience. Today, it’s Reagan conservatives. Tomorrow, I am afraid, it may be liberals in Washington. Come Election Day, should Reagan Republicans vote for Donald Trump?

Listen to Michael Reagan. Listen to Mark Levin. Listen to Glenn Beck. Listen to Ben Shapiro. Listen to the 22 conservatives who wrote against Trump in the National Review. Listen to those few who are bold enough to stand up against Donald Trump for the sake of the truth.

Trump’s current support for single-payer socialized medicine, affirmative action, and increased biofuel mandates/subsidies would not be on Reagan’s agenda if he were alive today according to the man who knew him best, his eldest son.

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  1. I never heard that Trump suggested his sister for current supreme court. He just said his sister is a good person. Anything wrong when you praise your family member?

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