Why is the political atmosphere not being blamed for mass shootings?

Gun Laws vs Values

If the surface narrative from the White House and mainstream media is to be believed, the rise in mass shootings has something to do with gun laws. There’s a big problem with that. Gun laws aren’t different from a decade ago when there were fewer mass shootings. Are we looking in the wrong place to find answers?

The political atmosphere that has been taking hold in America for the last decade is to blame. There’s no other way to logically look at it. The statistics show a sharp rise in shooting deaths in general and mass shooting or “active shooter” murders occurring. Anecdotal evidence from news reports verifies what people are feeling – there seems to be more people with guns going out and murdering people.

If the gun laws haven’t changed, what has? Is it politically incorrect to call out that racism, anger, and political correctness have been escalating rapidly since the turn of the century and have reached a tipping point in the last few years?

President Obama has been heralded as the champion who will make America safe by somehow passing gun laws or executive orders in the final year of his Presidency. He’s been quick to hit the airwaves after every mass shooting with a call for more gun control laws and it appears as if he might just get his way before he’s out of office. He has many Americans convinced that the gun laws are too lax and that if he makes the gun laws more “sensible” that mass shootings will stop. They will not.

This isn’t a case of guns being easier to get than they were before. It’s a case of a President and a liberal political establishment creating divisiveness and fermenting hatred between citizens. It’s a case of values being lost for the sake of political correctness. It’s a case of religion in general and Christianity in particular being marginalized as discriminatory while the secular degradation of our Judeo-Christian values has become acceptable, even craved.

If gun laws that are “too weak” are the cause for the rise in mass shootings, than one must assume that the gun laws have changed since the days when there were fewer shootings. Those laws have not changed. Making them harsher will not reduce violence in America. It can be argued that “gun grabbing” will increase the level of violence, and that’s where it gets really dangerous.

If a “good guy with a gun” had been at the Christmas party where Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik killed over a dozen people, could they have been stopped? We cannot know this because gun laws prohibited that from being a possibility.

We have to look at the deterioration of values before we jump to the conclusion that gun laws will stop mass shootings. Gun laws haven’t changed during the rise in incidents, but our value systems have.

Michio Hasai

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