NY and Connecticut gun provisions are merely symbolic

NY CT Gun Law

On Monday the Court of Appeals upheld NY and Connecticut’s gun law banning semi-automatic weapons and large-capacity magazines. However, the court struck down a provision that wouldn’t allow licensed gun owners from loading more than seven bullets in a clip.

The pressure for strict gun control in Connecticut came after the Sandy Hook shooting that took place in December of 2012. Although coalitions of firearms dealers, sports shooters, and gun owners who say that their constitutional rights have been infringed upon, the court ruled against them stating that the core prohibitions did not violate the Second Amendment.

Connecticut and NY have the most strict gun laws in the country. Many feel that since the court did not feel that such provisions violated gun-owners’ rights, other states may follow suit. However, according to Timothy Lytton, a teacher at Georgia State University College of Law, “court opinions like this are not likely to move legislatures.”

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